Leicester 1 - 1 United

McNair Smalling Blind
Darmian Carrick Schweinsteiger Mata Young
Rooney(Memphis) Martial

Late post. Had a super busy weekend and didn’t really find time to sit down and reflect on last Saturday’s game. I’m not going to write much because I think I forgot what happened during the game. All I remember is that we had a lot of possession but failed to create chances. That’s been the story of our season so far.

The fact that we had so much possession yet Leicester had the best chances to win the game was a bit disappointing. Vardy, obviously, scored Leicester’s goal as he received a pin-point pass and finished with aplomb. To go one better than world class striker Ruud van Nistelrooy is nothing short of amazing, especially considering he was playing in the Conference four seasons ago. Is Vardy world class? You must be havin a laugh. He won’t be as good as he is at this very moment come the end of the season. Would I want him in our team? At the moment, definitely. We can do with some confidence up front. But I wouldn’t recommend him to join a big gun in the Premier League. The pond might be too big for him and he’d miss having all his team-mates playing for him to score.

What about our players? I don’t know. How can we have so much possession yet so few chances? When was the last time we’ve seen one of our strikers come one-on-one with the opposition’s goalie? There seems to be a huge gap between our defence and strikers. Having two holding midfielders isn’t helping either to make us function as a unit. Also, having a completely out of form captain is holding us back. I love Rooney but I seriously cannot remember a great performance from him. Strangely, he seems to do fine when playing with England...

Also, I can see why Darmian hasn’t been playing recently. He was dreadful in this game.

Despite all this gloom and doom, we find ourselves in third place just behind Leicester and Manchester City. I’d take points over performances at the moment. We’re still a team in its rebuilding phase so I only expect us to get better in the next couple of years. Well, I hope we do! The football’s too bloody boring.

West Ham next. Another three home points? I expect so.

PS Bravo Schweinsteiger on scoring your first United goal. He’s been a great addition to our side. One of the reasons we’re in the top three. 


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