West Ham 0 - 2 United

Rafael Jones Carrick Buttner
Young Fellaini Fletcher Kagawa

Well, that was another pleasing performance. That makes it two satisfying performances in a week, which is a lot given this year's standards. I think I've seen the best counter attacking football we've played this year during the first half. It's a pity we sat back during the second instead of creating more chances and, maybe, score more goals. Nonetheless, well done Moyes and his boys. 

Every player had a good game today. Jones and Carrick were rock solid at the back while Buttner, probably, did better than what Evra has been doing during the past weeks. Rafael started the game a tad too aggressive but seemed more composed as the game wore on. Fletcher was ever present in our midfield and Fellaini keeps on improving with every game. Young did well on the right and Mata looked more happy playing behind a sole striker. Could RVPs injury be a blessing in disguise? I saw a stat on Twitter which showed that Mata completed 50 passes out of 53. That's a very good stat that. 

Finally, a big fat "well done" has to go to man of the match Wayne Rooney. His first half performance was excellent and it was crowned by a true wonder goal. I've seen some good goals this year, unfortunately most of them weren't scored by United, however, I think that goal is probably one of the best I've seen this season. Few players in the world have the audacity, nevermind the precision, to do what Rooney did today. Brilliant vision, brilliant awareness and an overall brilliant goal. His second goal was the complete opposite; I don't think he knew much about it but he was just in the right place at the right time. He was lucky if you ask me. His overconfidence meant that he wasn't at his best during the second half but I'll excuse him for that. If I scored a goal like his first, I would probably think I turned into some kind of God and expect everything to work for me with little effort. Well done Roo!

City next. I won't lose much sleep if we lose the game. I'll just sit on the sofa and watch the game relaxed without giving a fuck about the repercussions (not that there are many; we miss out on the Europa league, maybe? I don't mind!) if we lost. That's quite an odd feeling. Normally I'm quite tense during this time of the year but my heart needed a deserved break. Let's hope next year things get back to how they used to be i.e. a lot of stress, heartbeat skipping moments and the occasional swear words and fist punching at the place where I watch my beloved United. 


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