United 0 - 3 City

Rafael Jones Rio Evra
Cleverley(Kagawa) Carrick Fellaini(Valencia) Mata
Welbeck(Chicharito) Rooney

Late post but after the horrific football my team played today, I decided to vent my frustrations on my friend in FIFA. Three hours and 12 wins later, I'm back home to write something about today's game. Well, first things first, that was a pathetic display. I can't believe we have reduced ourselves to this level. There was no passion shown tonight and that really gets on my nerves. After those two good performances last week, albeit against average sides, the least I expected today was to give some worries to the City defense. That barely happened as we got down without a real fight.  I thought our players and management knew what went wrong against Liverpool but apparently they didn't as we repeated the same mistakes today. We only played well for 15 odd minutes during the first half when Mata and Fellaini should have scored from ideal positions but missed. After those chances Hart's role was more of a spectator than a player.

I know jack shit about tactics so I cannot really criticize the manager in that respect but I do recognize a motivated player when I see one and our players just weren't today. That motivation primarily comes from within the player but the managing staff also play an important role in pumping their players up for such games. True, there's not much to play for but a derby is a derby and I expected our players to be ready to put a dent on our neighbor's title challenge or, at the very least, put up a fight. Instead, our players looked like rabbits in headlights. Scared and clueless. That's difficult to take in, especially since we're quite used to seeing players give their all for this great club.

Any positives from the game? Yes, TWO.  
1. City could have easily scored 6 goals today and gave us a real hiding. So we should be thankful it was 'only' 3-0
2. If this win gives City the edge over Liverpool in the title race, then at least there's some sort of consolation. I hate Liverpool so much that I'd rather see City win the title for 3 years in a row than see Liverpool win a title. Can't believe I'm putting the words Liverpool, win and title in the same sentence but this Liverpool side is dangerously close to winning it this season. I hate City and I equally hate Chelsea - soulless clubs - but nothing compares to my hatred towards the red scousers. I respect their club but I just despise their fans. Deluded bunch.

Regardless, I still live in hope. I still back the manager and won't call for his head until I see that he was given enough time and funds and still failed to deliver. One season with some over-the-hill players is not enough. The likes of Evra, Rio and Vida are not good to play against top sides anymore. I'd rather see a defensively clueless Buttner play at LB than Evra. Apart from last season, he has been underperforming for a good four years now. Is it Moyes' fault that we haven't got a better LB? No, it's Fergie's. Our midfield woes? Fergie's fault. And that's the reason why I'm still hopeful Moyes tenure will turn out to be better in the near future. Time and money, that's what Moyes needs. Until then, I just can't wait for this season to end.


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