United 4 - 1 Villa

Didn't watch the game because I had a football match with my local team. From what I've heard, United did well to bounce back from an early setback. Mata seems to have had a very good game. He scored one and won a penalty. I've seen the highlights and I think that Kagawa and Januzaj did well to assist the other goals too. Nice to see Chicharito on the scoresheet but he's surely on his way out. Roo's form is a good thing for our upcoming game. We'll need him at his prime. Anyhow, I can't really comment on the game because I didn't see it so I'll talk about the shameful act done by some muppets who flew a plane over OT calling for Moyes' head. You might not agree with the man and you might think he's not fit for the job, and that I understand, but you don't embarrass this club and its faithful fans with that stupid move! Thankfully, our supporters inside the stadium didn't approve that message and booed the plane. We've had a dreadful season but our supporters need to stand up and support our manager. What good did that message do? Moyes looks a broken man and that foolish act by a few supporters won't do our team any good. Furthermore, we've been made to look like complete twats with fans all around the word. And by the way, do you think the Glazers will sack our Scotsman? He's been given a 6 year contract because whoever advised them to offer Moyes the job, believes the man's good enough. So who are we to question the man's abilities? Sure, the showings this year might suggest he's not good enough but I believe every team above us has a better squad than we do. Get rid of the deadwood during the summer, buy a few quality players and then we'll judge Moyes. We should be patient. It was a turbulent season but I still believe someday things will revert back to normal. Unfortunately what I believe hasn't been backed by our team's showings lately but our club always bounces back and I live in hope that the United spirit will prevail once again.

Next game is vs. the champions of Europe. Will be tough and if we're going out to them, I hope we go out with a fight. Come on United! 


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