Norwich 0 - 1 United

Smalling Vidic Evans Evra
Young Cleverley Carrick Giggs(Welbeck)
Kagawa(Januzaj) Chicharito(Fletcher)

So, another win albeit the performance wasn't the best I've seen this season. In fact, it was once of the worst and we've seen some pretty bad ones this year! However, we've got our fair share of injury worries and, given the situation, I think Moyes is doing absolutely brilliant. We had Valencia, Rafael, Rooney, Jones and van Persie missing today. That quintet makes half the first team! They're all regulars when fit. 

Welbeck won us the game and, for me, he was the man of the match. He worked his socks off and was duly repaid for his work when he got a tad lucky with a rebound and ended one on one with the keeper. When Moyes made mistakes, they were rapidly pointed out by the general public. Today he made a change that won us the game and no one seems to acknowledge this fact. Welbeck replaced Giggsy and the former's energy lifted the whole team. Last Thursday, when we were trailing by two goals, he replaced an injured Rafael with Januzaj. I think that bold move helped us win the game as well. So well done Moysie! 

I'm pretty pleased. Although Norwich were better than us at times, we should be happy that we're finally grinding results even though we're not playing as good as we can. Nevertheless, we're racking up the points and are close to breaking into the top 4. During the past years, I'd never have dreamt in a million billion years that I'd ever be excited about Man Utd getting into the top 4! Anyway, that's how things have panned out and we must do everything to get back where we belong. Overtaking the teams above us will be hard, but I believe we've got a team good enough to be with the best four teams in England. We're not champions material this year but we're not as bad as the media is portraying us to be. There isn't much difference between our team and those teams who are placed above us, with the exception of City who are absolutely world class when they play at home. 

Tottenham next. Massive game. 


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