Hull City 2 - 3 United

Rafael (Januzaj) Smalling Evans Evra
Valencia (s/o) Cleverley Fletcher(Chicharito) Young(Carrick)
Rooney Welbeck

Our players started the game as if they were nursing a huge hangover after yesterday's Christmas festivities. Our defending was shambolic and we didn't do much at the front either. With Cleverley and Fletcher not protecting our defenders as much as Moyes would have liked, we were soon trailing Hull by two goals inside the first fifteen minutes. Thankfully, the second goal triggered a response from our team and Smalling headed home some minutes later. I thought that goal would give us the confidence boost we desperately needed to go on and win the game and that's exactly what happened. Rooney, our man of the match by a country mile, scored a sublime volley and we should really have led by half time.

The second half continued at the same tempo. United attacked relentlessly while Hull managed to hang on to the draw. The Tigers came agonisingly close to scoring sometime near the 70th minute but at the other end one of their own players headed a Young cross into his own net. Phew, I thought that was it. Game over. 

Game over my arse. We made the mistake of setting our foot off the pedal and Hull were all over us during the final 10 minutes. I was going bonkers in front of the screen. De Gea shaved 20 years off my life when he senselessly tried to get to a ball that was very difficult to get. Valencia was then shown red for stupidly kicking the ball away and, it seems, that no one covered Tony's position as Hull, from our right hand side, could have easily scored the third if it wasn't for an excellent De Gea save. Thankfully, by hook or by crook, we managed to hang on to the lead. 

That was our 5th straight victory in all competitions. We seem to be on a decent run. True, we had to huff and puff more than expected today but, as I said time and again this season, there isn't one team  in the league that won't give you a hard test when playing in their own backyard. This side we faced today had beaten the almighty current Liverpool side some weeks ago and have a pretty decent home record. 

Norwich next. Another win, please. 


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