Games vs Everton and Newcastle

So, as you might be aware, I was at Old Trafford for United’s games vs Everton and Newcastle. I’ve seen four United games before and never witnessed a loss. So it was a whole new experience for me. Despite going through a torrid spell, I thought we were quite capable of beating the Geordies and the blue Scousers at Old Trafford so, if I’m honest, I expected wins.  The wins did not materialize and I came back to Malta having seen United lose twice and score none.

So, for all those re-thinking visiting Old Trafford in fear of seeing United lose, is a trip to Old Trafford, at this present time, worth the money spent?  Hell yes, it is. You’ve got to make the most of it. Matchday isn’t all about going to the stadium, sit on your arse and eat a ridiculously priced meat pie. There’s obviously little fun in that.  Visiting a bar where a lot of red faithful gather is something I would recommend. There are a couple of renowned bars a stone’s throw away from Old Trafford. Sam Platts and the Bishops Blaize are two bars loaded with match-going reds singing their hearts out before games. I’ve never been to the former, to be honest, my friends and I love the bishops blaize and since my visits to OT are limited to just once every year, I prefer to go to the place where I’m sure I will be having fun. The Bishops Blaize has been tried and tested from my part and I’m not really a fan of trying new things. It’s always Capriciosa whenever I go to a pizza shop, sweet & sour pork if I’m at a Chinese restaurant and carbonara if I fancy a bit of pasta.....anyway, you should get what I'm trying to say.

We went to the Bishops Blaize at 4pm before the game vs Everton and as early as 9am for the game vs Newcastle. That’s a full four hours before kick-off and, believe me, it’s bloody worth it. The chanting takes a bit to kick off, as you’d imagine. But as soon as the effect of alcohol kicks in, you’ll have a whole house chanting and having fun. Obviously, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people prefer to go to the stadium and just watch the football. But, if you’re at Old Trafford just to see the footy, then you’re really missing out. First and foremost, I’m a firm believer that the stadium isn’t exactly the optimal place to watch a game of football. Why? Well, basically, the best seats are always taken. For me, getting a seat where I’m neither up in heavens nor as close to the players as possible is almost impossible. If your eyesight is half as poor as mine, you won’t be able to see the ball if you’re in row Z of the Stretford end and if you’re too close, well, you won’t be able to see what’s happening on the other side. In fact, I didn’t know Roo hit the post vs Everton and that we had a good penalty call ruled out by the ref vs Newcastle.

So what’s so special about being at Old Trafford? The atmosphere, obviously.  During both matches, the Stretford end was always on its feet, singing and backing Moyes and the boys. Some people on the internet should learn a thing or two from these match-goers. Our players were poor, however, at the end of both games, the Stretford end sang “We love United”. And why not? We really do love United. Loving United is not conditional to just the good times. Those who are now jumping ship were just there for the glory. To be honest, I'd be happy to see the back of these people. That would drive ticket prices down and going to Old Trafford would become more affordable. Who knows, maybe my budget wouldn't limit me to just that sole yearly visit.

I just love the whole package of match day; the chanting, the drinking, the obscure amount of fast food and the atmosphere inside the stadium. I’m aching to go back there because win, lose or draw, I love every minute of it. Come on United! 

Oh yeah, as soon as we left Manchester our beloved reds returned to winning ways as Jones scored a good volley to secure first place in the group stages of the Champions League. Well played boys! 


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