Liverpool 1 - 2 United

Rafael(Welbeck) Rio Evans Evra
Valencia Carrick Giggs Nani(Scholes)

We finally won three points at Anfield, even though the lads put in a dire display. Admittedly, the ref did give us a helping hand by awarding an in-existent penalty and showing Shelvey the red card. Although not entirely sure, I think the red was probably a correct decision. Obviously Facebook is bombarded with the usual claims by scousers that the ref wanted United to win. They can say what they want, what matters is that we've won the three point while Liverpool's miserable season gets even worse. Winning after such controversial decisions make a win even sweeter to be honest.

Brilliant performance by Rafa
We were piss poor during the first half. In fact I cannot really recall Reina making a stop.  Deep down I know that had Liverpool stayed with 11 players, we wouldn't have won all points at stake. Having said that, football works in funny ways so one cannot really use IF statements in this game. We obviously looked better during the second half, especially when Scholes came on for the abysmal Nani. I've defended Nani quite often but his performance today was pathetic. You just cannot defend such performances. Anyhow, Gerrard opened the score but Rafael scored a stunning goal to put United on level terms almost immediately. RVP secured the points with a good penalty. Yeah, we have finally scored a penalty....although Reina was unlucky not to push it away.

If I had to choose a man of the match, it would be someone from three of our defenders. Rafael, Evans and Rio were brilliant. The goalie wasn't bad either. It's the midfield which really really worries me. The wingers were in and out of the game, while Giggsy wasn't effective. Kagawa won some freekicks but something tells me he's a tad too weak (physically) to play in such games. Carrick and Scholes did well. RVP cut a lonesome figure up front and when the ball got to him, it was on the flanks and could do little harm to Liverpool's defence since he had not one to aim at in the box. 

Overall I'm delighted we won. I'm a bit concerned with the performance though. It was an undeserved victory, but really, who the hell cares?!


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