United 3 - 2 Fulham

Rafael Carrick Vidic Evra
Valencia Anderson(Giggs) Cleverley Young(Welbeck)
Kagawa(Rooney) RVP

Absolute Beauty by Our New Striker
United started quite badly but managed to turn the result into their favour with a breathtaking first half performance. Kagawa was imperious behind RVP while the latter scored a sublime volley. I've seen a compilation of Robin's goals at Arsenal and I must say that volleys are his speciality. If I'm honest I expected van Persie to be more involved in the game but, I guess, that goal was enough today. Kagawa scored a Chicharito type of goal while Rafael headed in the third after a very good build up. We were cruising but somehow our players decided to switch off during the second half and let Fulham get back into the game with probably one of the silliest goals we'll concede all season. Our goalie has to be blamed for their second goal but to be fair to him, he did produce some very very good saves. 

Kagawa looks like a very good buy
The first half was a joy to watch. Valencia and Kagawa were our best  players. Attacking wise, Rafael was excellent but he's still prone to that customary rash challenge at the back. He still has to develop his defensive skills because Fulham's winger did get past Rafa a tad too easy on some occasions. Carrick did his best but we badly need his killer passes in the middle of the park. Cleverley manages to put in a decent pass every now and then but he's nowhere near Carrick. Vidic still looks a bit rusty but that's understandable. He'll improve with time. Astonishingly, Evra looked quite good today. I'm not sure whether that's down to Fulham having a shite right winger or because the pressure exerted from buying a new left back is paying its dividends. But it's been a while since I've seen Evra have a good game, although it's nothing to get excited about. 

First mistake of the season by David. Let's hope there aren't much more to follow
In midfield Anderson managed to look his usual self. Running around like an overweight mad man and giving me a scare or two with some sloppy passes. Needs to improve. Cleverley was decent while Valencia put in countless of decent balls into the box which weren't finished by our strikers. Young wasn't spectacular but managed to get an assist. We DO look a bit weak in the middle of the park. This is proven by the fact that the best players on the pitch during our first two games were the opposing midfielders. Fellaini was the best player last Monday and Dembele was excellent today as well. That Dembele guy should have been one of Fergie's acquisitions this Summer IMO. 

At the front, Kagawa was excellent while van Persie justified Fergie's decision to start him with a wonderful volley. Our sub Giggsy put in a decent shift in midfield, Welbeck was barely given a sniff of the ball while Rooney still looks miles off his best. I don't think his injury is anything serious so he should be OK for next Sunday(UPDATED: I've just heard Fergie's interview and he said Roo will be out for 4 weeks)

Although it wasn't as comfortable as I thought it would be, I think we've got a very good team. In fact I think that this is probably one of the best squads we ever had. Today we had the luxury of not starting players like Welbeck, Rooney, Chicharito, Scholesy and Nani. They would be automatic starters in most premier league teams.  Our main concern is our defense but that concern will, hopefully, be eased with the return of our injured defenders. If this match is an indication of what lies ahead in this year's premier league, then I'm not too looking forward. However, we WILL get better. Bring on Southampton. 


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