5 Years On!

So 5 years ago (4th August) I decided to start a blog about the mighty Manchester United. This last year proved to be the most successful for this blog, mostly thanks to the constant promotion that Anna, from Giggsy's facebook page, has given to it. I've written 60 posts during the past year with the most read post being 'Kagawa and other Transfer News' posted on the 5th of June (685 views). The blog has amassed 11,000 views during the past year, 5000 more views than the previous year. Below are a few more stats that I am willing to bore you with. 

People from 100+ different states and countries have visited this blog during the past year.

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Somehow, the most views during the past 5 years came from the United States. The Glazers must've checked it out

Enough with the shameless boasting and back to what really matters. Manchester United.

Preseason Update
Our team didn't really set the world alight during this year's pre-season games. Compared to previous years, there has been a goal drought and that is probably because most of our attacking players didn't take part in any of the preseason games.....yet. Rooney, Nani, Young & Welbeck have only just joined the group and will take part in today's friendly vs Valerenga. 

Meanwhile the press is still linking us with Moura and RVP. I'm not entirely sure we need the latter. I'd rather give Danny Welbeck a chance to keep progressing, because he's got some serious technical ability. With respect to Moura, I've never seen him play but people liken him to a young Ronaldo. If he's got 10% of Ronaldo's ability, then I'd happily welcome him on board. 

The final countdown begins. Can't wait for the new season.


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