Manchester United run in vs Manchester City run in

I’m writing this on Sunday 4th March, still pumped up after United’s terrific win at White Hart Lane. This data might suggest I’ve got plenty of time on my hands but in reality it only took me a mere 10 minutes to put together and I did it out of sheer curiosity and of course so that you, my esteemed blog readers, don’t have to do it yourselves. *cue a barrage of “awwwwhs” from you lot*

So in the first part I looked at the performances of City’s and United’s away opponents at their home.

Manchester City’s Away Opponents
W – 35
D - 23
L – 22
Points Won 128
Just like Arsenal, Newcastle are a tough nut to crack at home
City's opponents, namely Swansea, Stoke, Arsenal, Norwich, Wolves and Newcastle have won a combined total of 128 points at home. United still have to play Wolves but we’ve dropped points vs Stoke and Newcastle and we were given a torrid time vs Swansea, Arsenal and Norwich. They are games in which Manchester City could drop a point or two…make that two points or three, you cannot drop just a single point.

Manchester United’s Away Opponents
W – 27
D –  13
L – 28
Points Won 94
Our toughest away fixture: vs City
Our away opponents have performed a tad worse at home. In fact, our FIVE away opponents have won 34 less points than City’s opponents. We need to keep in mind that we have one less away opponent than City, which makes the wide 34 point gap a little more understandable. Out of those 27 wins, 14 are games won by City at their Etihad stadium. So 4 of our 5 away opponents only amassed 13 wins, an average of approximately 3 home wins per team. Given our excellent away record this year, that stat is not frightening at all.  Our opponents are Wigan, Wolves, Manchester City, Sunderland and Blackburn. Obviously Man City at the Etihad will be a massive hurdle but the other games are quite winnable with the exception of Sunderland who are as hard as nails at home.

In the second part I looked at the performances of City’s and United’s home opponents away from home.
Manchester City's Home Opponents
W - 28
D - 16
L – 24
Points Won 100
City's home game vs Chelsea could be a tricky one
Most of City’s home games, given their outstanding home record, should be won by Mancini’s men. However, Chelsea and of course ourselves will be visiting the Etihad Stadium and those games could - make that WILL - be difficult for City. Chelsea may be in the middle of a storm but some of their players are still a class act and have enough power to overcome City. On the other hand, with regards to our fixture against them, I’ve got a 100% belief that our players are more than capable of beating City. But then again, I know City have the power to beat us on their day. Let’s hope we show up, unlike what we did in October in that dreaded 6-1 defeat. City’s games vs WBA, Sunderland and QPR should result in easy wins for our neighbours.

Manchester United Home Games
W – 21
D – 25
L – 34
Points Won 88
Our toughest home fixture is probably that vs Everton
We’ll be meeting WBA, Fulham, QPR, Villa, Everton and Swansea at home. Although I know what Blackburn did to us on New Years’ eve, I still believe that these games will be won. If we’re dropping points, which we will, it will be away from home.


Obviously, these stats might have little meaning because after all, football is a funny old game. However, I bet Mancini would give up his left bollock to have our title run in. While I’m still rueing those 3 points lost vs Blackburn and those 2 points lost at home vs Newcastle, I hope that come May, our skipper will be holding the Premier League trophy aloft at Old Trafford and those points dropped prove to be mere hiccups in an otherwise successful campaign.  I believe we’ve got a very very good chance.

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