Liverpool 2 - 1 United

De Gea
Rafael Smalling Evans Evra
Valencia Carrick Scholes(Chicharito) Park Giggs(Berbatov)

Centre of Attention. His error ultimately cost us the game.
A late goal by Kuyt knocked us out of the FA Cup. Had we scored such a goal, that late, the scousers would probably be blabbering about how lucky we are.....buuuut I ain't complaining. We could have easily won but two errors cost us the game and that's the harsh truth of today's tie. De Gea was as confident as a bullied child facing his aggressors while Evra went to sleep and let Kuyt get the winner. Park scored a very good goal during a first half which we dominated but then we looked tired during the final 20 minutes of the game and I guess Liverpool were simply better than us during that period.

I'm not sure whether anyone will agree with me but I feel that as soon as Scholes was subbed off, we lost control of the game. Depending so much on a player on the wrong side of the 30's isn't good news but anyway we had quite a few players out injured and I guess we did quite well in Liverpool's backyard. Kenny is doing a Rafa Benitez i.e. turning Liverpool into a cup team. They did well in the Carling Cup and they're through to the 5th round of the FA Cup. I still don't think they're as good as they think they are. I know it's no use crying over spilt milk but had there been the likes of Roo, Jones and Nani, I'm pretty confident we would be looking at a different scoreline. They'd probably argue that had there been Suarez, they would have scored more. Fair point but I'd laugh it off. 

Overall, I'm not displeased about the performance. I thought our defence did well. Smalling and Evans were solid and Rafael was immense. Man of the match in my opinion. Scholes and Carrick carried proceedings in the midfield area while Valencia was his usual self. Giggsy was as calm as ever with the ball while Welbeck had a hell of a tough time up front. He worked hard though. The biggest surprise of the game was produced by Chicharito though. 15 minutes on the pitch and he didn't manage an offside. Well done lad! 

And now in the words of every Liverpool supporter, who are probably celebrating by preparing a fine dish of pasta with rat sauce, as far as the Fa cup is concerned "next year will be our year." Meanwhile I'll be at Old Trafford to witness our revenge on the scousers on the 11th February. I'm off. Study Time.

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