City 2 - 3 United

Smalling Jones Rio Evra
Valencia Carrick Giggs Nani(Scholes)
Rooney Welbeck(Anderson)

Loved Rooney's Celebration Today and what a Goal he scored!
We never do it the easy way! Two sublime goals which sandwiched a reckless challenge by Kompany, paved way to today's victory. Rooney's header and Welbeck's finish were great goals. Rooney then scored the third and that's when I thought the game was over. I was very wrong. City fought back with character and made the game interesting for any neutrals watching and managed to shave a couple of years off my life. How I wish this was a Premier League game.

We should have never let City get back in the game. Their first goal was excellent but the second was the result of a bit of a gaffe by our keeper. We destroyed them during the first half but complacency obviously played a huge part in the second period. 3-2 wins are sweet but not if you had been 3 nil in front with a one man advantage. 

Sublime Volley By Danny
Enough with the mumbling and grumbling, looking at the first half performance, we played the way United should play. Valencia ran rings around Kolarov while Giggsy and Carrick controlled the midfield. I dare say that City are weak without their formidable Yaya Toure and even weaker without Kompany. I'm now looking forward to see how City will deal with the loss of Kompany on suspension added to the loss of their African players and the couple of injuries they have finally sustained. Knowing City, they'll probably buy their way out of this situation by splashing the cash on a January acquisition. 

Our defence had a couple of shaky moments, especially Jones who seems to have gone off the boil. Smalling had a good game and Rio was so and so. The best thing Rio did was give Evra a deserved telling off. I just can't figure out why Evra is our captain. Anyway, at the other end of the field we had two strikers who worked their socks off and therefore I'm pretty pleased with their input. 

Now, I will obviously say something about Scholesy. I loved him as a player and I like him as a person who always had Manchester United at heart. But I'm not too keen on the idea of him returning. His decrease in form during the past couple of seasons was almost tangible so I'm not sure whether he's able to help us. This move is a desperate one. It suggests either that Fergie believes so much in young Cleverley that he thinks it's not worth making a permanent move for a player or that we're skint. I'd like to think that the reason is the former. Although the odd sight of Scholes sporing the number 22 did put a bit of a smile on my face, I don't think it is a good move. I'd love to be proven wrong but I don't think Scholes has enough in him to change the outcome of our season. We'll wait and see.

After reading the comments posted by the anti-United brigade on facebook, I cannot help but feel annoyed. Remarks such as "the ref is red", "penalties, red cards - why always in favour of United?" etc etc, make me feel like punching through bricks. The red card was a double footed challenge, nowadays that's a no-no. If Nani didn't jump, he could have had a foot broken. The penalty was as plain as day. BUT the foul which lead to City's first goal should have never been a freekick to City. Richards fouled Evra, so City get the freekick. Very logical indeed. Valencia was fouled midway through the second-half in the box but the Ref waved play on. I might have red tinted glasses but I'd change the specs these idiots(anti-united) wear before they're run over by a bus. Although, if I'm honest, I like the idea of it. 

Roy Keane, who has been a right pain in the ass lately, summed up today perfectly with this sentence: "You can give City all the credit you like, but they're out of the cup."
Finally something sensible came out of our former captain's mouth. Bolton next.

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