Tuesday, September 27, 2011

United 3 - 3 Basel

Fabio(Nani) Jones Rio Evra
Valencia Carrick Anderson(Berbatov) Young
Giggs(Park) Welbeck

Evra attacked but was caught upfield a couple of times by Basel's fast counter attacks

After the first 20 minutes, I never expected to be writing the above scoreline. We gave away a two goal advantage and that just ain't the Manchester United way. Welbeck scored two in quick succession but Basel stunned us with 3 goals in the second half. Thankfully Young headed home to spare our blushes.
To be honest with you I expected a win, a large win to be precise. However, most of the players simply switched off after the second goal and Basel looked very threatening when attacking. 

Our players deserve a hairdryer treatment from Fergie because such results are not acceptable. If I'm not mistaking, during last season's Champions League campaign, before the final, we conceded less goals than this year. That says a lot. Anyway, a draw isn't as chaotic as the loss which was looming large. I'm sure we'll be much better once all our injured players are back but lets be thankful we faced the minnows of Basel tonight rather than a stronger team. Our impressive unbeaten run at home would have come to an abrupt end. Next Norwich. I expect a big win. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stoke 1 - 1 United

De Gea
Valencia Jones Ferdinand Evra
Nani Fletcher Anderson Young(Giggs)
Chicharito(Owen) Berbatov(Welbeck)

So, as I predicted yesterday, we dropped our first points of the season. I didn't watch the game because I had a match with my local football team but I have watched the highlights. It looked like Stoke put us under a lot of pressure and De Gea pulled off some stunning saves. Nani scored a beauty but his goal was eventually cancelled by Crouch. Giggs should have won us the game late on but it wasn't to be.

Playing against Stoke at the Brittania is always difficult so I'm not too displeased with the result. I'm just disappointed we lost our 100% record. I cannot really comment on the match because I haven't seen enough so that's all for today. Let's hope we bounce back during the week with a win against Basel. 

Come on United!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Games vs Benfica, Chelsea & Leeds

So as I told you in my most recent post, I was going to be abroad for the fore-mentioned games...so here's a recap of what I thought about the games.

vs Benfica
I was in Amsterdam when this game was being played. Luckily there are a lot of sport pubs in this city but unfortunately Ajax were playing Lyon at the same time as United. Therefore all pubs were airing this game instead of United's. However, I did manage to find a bar which showed United's game but only found this bar when the game was 10 minutes shy of the final whistle. I have watched the highlights and loved Giggsy's super goal. All in all an away draw at Benfica is not a bad result.

vs Chelsea
I watched this game at a pub in Berlin. I'm not so sure whether we played that well during this game. Chelsea were very wasteful in front of goal and had they taken their chances, the game could have well ended in a draw or a loss for us. But that didn't happen and a 3-1 result is an excellent result. Nani scored an absolute scorcher while Smalling and Rooney scored the other two. We're still unbeaten in the league while the other big guns slipped in some way or another. Excellent weekend.

vs Leeds
No pub in Berlin aired this game so I had to make do with mobile updates from my friend's dad. I have since watched the highlights. Owen's goals were superbly taken and Giggsy rolled back the years with another good goal. There were a couple of youngsters who were given their first senior start and that's always a good sign. As the SKY commentator said after the game, the future looks very bright for United! I'd also like to condemn the irresponsible behavior of a few idiots who took an 'Istanbul' banner at Elland Road. May they be banned for life.

Looking Forward
Our next game is away to Stoke. It will be a difficult match and I've got a tingly feeling that we might drop our first points this weekend. I won't be watching the game live since I have other priorities with my local football team, however, I will be updating this blog very shortly after the game. United till I die!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bolton 0 - 5 United

De Gea
Jones Rio Evans(Smalling) Evra
Nani Cleverley(Carrick) Anderson Young(Giggs)
Rooney Chicharito

Our team performed superbly once again
After the highs of the game vs Arsenal a fortnight ago, I expected a very tough match vs a combative Bolton side. However, our play was so good that we made the game look ridiculously easy. Rooney bagged another hat-trick and Chicharito returned to this side with last season's red hot form. Once again, I was pleased with every player on the field but Rooney and Jones stood out today. Rooney was his usual self while Jones played superbly at right back and ran his socks off for 90 minutes. What a buy!

The only downside from this game was Cleverley's injury. He had a cast covering his leg by the end of the game and that signals bad news. On the other hand, all the players put in a professional performance and De Gea showed the world his shot stopping skills as well as his ball delivery skills. He'll commit the odd mistake or two in the future but with every game that passes, he's looking more and more confident. Well done David!

Right now we look unstoppable but the biggest test so far lies ahead. We'll be welcoming Chelsea at OT next week and a win will send out a clear message that we mean business. Before the Chelsea game we also have the 'little matter' of facing Benfica away from home but given that we're expected to top that group easily, the Chelsea game is overshadowing our midweek fixture. I won't be updating this blog after the upcoming two games because I'll be in Holland for a week. I'll do my utmost to find a pub and watch the games there and make sure I  keep following my beloved reds wherever I am.

Come on United!