Blackburn 1 - 1 United

Fabio(Scholes) Ferdinand Vidic Evans
Valencia Carrick Giggs Nani(Berbatov)
Rooney Chicharito

We have finally won our 19th title. A title that makes us the most successful club in England. We made the game difficult for ourselves(what's new???) by missing decent chances and letting Blackburn get their noses in front. Rooney scored the all important goal from the spot, a goal that crowned us Kings of England.

It was a decent performance by the players but at the back we were a tad too hesitant. The game was another real heart test for me even though I promised myself, as well as my friends who watched the game with me, that I was going to sit, relax and enjoy the game. Enjoy the game??! What the heck was I thinking??!  The goalie had a horror show between the posts and our fullbacks weren't at their best. This guaranteed some heart beat skipping. It was evident that some players couldn't handle the pressure. Thankfully, the pressure didn't really affect Rooney when taking the penalty. In my opinion there wasn't a player who stood out today.
While the blue noses are celebrating a 10cm rise from their blue moon, we are jubilant after yet another title. We are now the best in England and no one shall deny it! I AM SO HAPPY!
Were you watching Merseyside??

...and that's a fact!

Final whistle at the Manchester United Supporters Club Gozo, where I watch most of United's games.


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