Barcelona 3 - 1 United

Fabio(Nani) Rio Vidic Evra
Valencia Carrick(Scholes) Giggs Park
Rooney Chicharito

Just like two years ago, we were beaten fair and square by a superior side. Barcelona are in a class of their own, especially if given a lot of space. At least, unlike 2 years ago, we were able to mount a reply to their goal but it wasn't enough. The 3-1 scoreline may not give a fair reflection of the game but the match stats show how the game unfolded. Just like in 2009 we started brightly but faded when Barcelona kicked into gear. About 20 attempts on target to our 5 shows how superior they were...and let's not mention the possession.

We expected that superiority. Our hope of winning this game lied on the odd counter attack. The plan was to have a solid defence and then leave Chicho and Roo to work their magic up front. Unfortunately Messi and co were too good for our defenders (especially Evra) while Chicharito at the front didn't have any impact at all. Our best player on the pitch was Wayne Rooney who epitomised the spirit of Manchester United, refusing to give up until the final whistle. He scored a good goal as well, a goal that sent me into an ecstasy of joy. I told my friends that the team scoring the second goal, after the half time break, was going to win the game. Barca scored that all important goal and it was game over for our side. Evra & Valencia didn't show up today. It's either that or Barcelona's excellence meant that the duo's involvement in the game was kept to a minimum.

What went wrong? Nothing. Barca are too good. They are the best team in the world and we're the second best team. Had we met any other European side tonight, we would have beaten them but Barcelona are just too good. I'm still proud of the boys. This was a great season and let's not forget that Manchester United are the greatest football team in England. Let's not forget that we are the English Champions and let's not forget that we've achieved our 19th title by brushing aside challenges from Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City & Arsenal. Their supporters are over the moon because we lost tonight and yet their team has won nothing. We're the greatest club in the world but on the day we got beaten fair and square by the best TEAM in the world. Well done Barca, well done United.

United till I die.
We'll bounce back.
By the way! I almost forgot. Thank you Van der Sar for your excellent service. It's a pity you bowed out of the game with a loss. We'll miss you.

Yes we were outplayed by a far better team, but to the bitter City fans, how many trophies have you won in the last 20 years? To all the bitter Chelsea fans, we knocked you out of the champions league this year and beat you to the league by 9 points, to all the bitter Liverpool fans, when did you last win a trophy? And 19 - 18 FACT. To all the bitter Arsenal fans wanting stats, heres a stat for you, trophyless for 6 years, lost to Birmingham in Carling Cup final, fourth in the league, no challenge to us, you're going down the same route as Liverpool did, so before you question the second best team in Europe and the best team in England, look at your own sorry selves. UNITED


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