Tottenham 0 - 0 United

Rafael(s/o) Rio Vidic Evra
Nani(Anderson) Fletcher Carrick Giggs
Rooney Berbatov(Chicharito)

This was a match with lots of attacking endeavour from both sides but no-one seemed capable of creating the breakthrough. I saw the game through my red tinted glasses but I think that even some Tottenham fans would agree when I say that United created the most threatening chances. In fact, Rooney should have opened the score in the first 2 minutes and had another two shots superbly saved by Gomez. Meanwhile I cannot recall one decent shot that VDS had to save. However, he neutralised a lot of crosses.
Man of the Match Vidic. 

Rafael was sent off on the 75th minute. He had a very good first half but was clumsy when he floored Van der Vaart during the second half(even though it didn't seem to be intentional). It was a challenge that earned him his second yellow card. He did the same thing vs Bayern Munich but I guess he'll learn with time. This was also our first red card of the season if I'm not mistaking. 

There were quite a few players who had a poor game today. Berbatov, Fletcher, Nani, Carrck, Giggsy & Evra did not play up to their usual standard. Rooney started the game brightly but faded out while our central backs had a very good game. Vidic was phenomenal. He was a beast at the back and had Crouch in his back pocket all afternoon. My man of the match.

Sky keeps repeating that point week in week out
Something that keeps pissing me off is the fact that skysports always presents as a talking point, after each and every United game, identical words to the following:-  "Can United play this badly and still go through the rest of the season unbeaten?"  I mean wtf? When City defended, Vs Arsenal, for about 90 minutes without one single decent attack, these pundits said that City had a great match and that they were very brave. Today we had our fair share of chances and defended brilliantly, yet these football 'experts' keep saying how badly United are playing. Yes, I do agree that we're not setting the world alight this year but we scored the most goals, conceded the fewest and are on top of the table. So check the table, check the stats and before you start jizzing over Arsenal and City put your glasses on and get your facts right. Fuckin ABU's. They're against us, but we'll never die! A draw against such an improved Tottenham was a good result. C'mon UNITED!


Karan Parakh said…
Agree with the review more or less except for a few pointers. Firstly, as much as I hate to say it, Totenham were the better team today. They had the best chances. Crouch in the first half, Van der Vaart in the 2nd after Chicharito's mistake. We defended brilliantly and I'm glad we got the point.

Secondly, you say Carrick was disappointing. I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. Yes, there were a few dodgy passes but he was immense in that deep lying midfielder role, helping out Vida and Rio as much as possible.

Thirdly, Rafael. I think he had a decent game. No way was it a red card. I can argue against both yellows. It's obvious he's learnt from last season against Bayern and fair played to the lad thus far. He didn't deserve that card.

Anyway, a point gained I'd like to view it as. Hope we can carry on. GGMU!
Androo said…
Agree 100%. Although for me, the most disappointing player on the pitch was Fletcher. How he made it through the whole 90 minutes without being substituted is beyond me.

Oh and Oli... don't let the pundits get to you. They ALL love to take the piss at us. There isn't one single pundit on skysports that played and/or supported United. We are the most hated team in the country [world?] and these things are expected. How would City love to have what we have - from the trophies to the critics.

See you soon mate.
Oliver said…
Carrick defended well but wasn't really adventurous when going forward, nor was Fletcher. We needed that inventive midfielder today and neither one of them did anything other than defend.

As for the tottenham chances, I forgot about VDV's shot after that mistake by Chicharito. However, you'll have to agree with me when saying that they didn't test VDS. I can't recall a decent shot on target.

I think Rafa's first was a certain yellow. The second wasn't but he shouldn't have gone that close to VDV, especially when seeing that Rooney was covering for him. That's lack of experience.

A point gained indeed! We will never die!
Oliver said…
Well droo, you know how I act when I hear anyone dissing United. Almost got into an argument with a Liverpool fan at the bar coz he kept mentioning how all refs side with us and all that crap!

See you Droo...Manchester looms large ;)

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