Our Pole in Goal

I've got my exams coming up, I'm way behind schedule, I tried to read my economics book but I couldn't understand one fuckin word. So I thought I should just blog about something that was all over the papers today. No, I won't blog about Dalglish's continuous whining about the 'injustice' they suffered, but I will write something about our Pole in goal.

He debuted in September 2006 in the defeat at the hands of the Gunners. He brilliantly saved a penalty though!

Some people argue that our 2nd goalie, Kus-something, isn’t up to United’s standards. Even the manager thinks so since has been busy sending scouts all over Europe to try and spot another stopper. We have already bought a young Danish keeper and according to the rumours we are looking for another.

So what’s exactly wrong with our Pole in goal? 

Personally, I like Kuszczak(Yep, I searched his name on google to make sure I spell it right). He is a very good shot stopper and very good at defending crosses and corners. But that seems to be just about it. The very essence of being a good goalie is communication with your fellow team mates and Kus lacks this. I never really gave two flying fucks about his communication skills until it was brought to my attention by my good friend Androo during one of our long Manchester United conversations.

Recently Thomas Kus has been given a run of games and he has performed quite well. However, I have noticed that he barely speaks to the defence and most of us supporters don’t really trust him. Yes we can praise his stops and all but our level of trust in him is proven whenever one of our defenders passes the ball to him. Personally, my heart skips a beat whenever this happens! With him in goal I don’t feel the level of safety I feel whenever VDS is playing. He also seems to be indecisive when to get out of goal and when not, and that is all down to the low level of communication with the back four. That must be one reason why he has played a mere 58 games in 5 years! Obviously there's  also the really small matter of having a brilliant keeper, in the form of VDS, in front of him.

He has recently claimed that he wants the number one jersey but that will be one mammoth of a task for him. First of all he needs to convince Sir Alex that he’s worthy of the number 1 jersey. That seems highly unlikely given that Sir Alex has already bought a new goalie and is rumoured to be in the market for another. Second he needs to raise our, and the defence’s, level of trust in him, and third, he needs to start opening his damn mouth and talk to our defence!

Won't be wearing the number 1 shirt next year, IMO.
Once again, I like Thomas. He’s a brilliant reflex goalie but I don’t really trust him with most of the other tasks. He will not be our number one and I doubt if he’ll be at the club next year, however, he’s a very good backup keeper who’s willing to sit on the bench week in week out and play the odd game or two.


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