Blackburn 0 - 0 United

Neville Rio Vidic O'Shea(Evra)
Valencia Scholes(Gibson) Giggs Nani
Berbatov Macheda(Park)

We have now well and truly blown our chances of winning our 19th league title away. The performance today was awful. It was the players as well as the manager's fault. Why were Fletcher, Evra & Gibson rested? Why were Giggs, Scholes & Neville all in the starting line up when vs Chelsea it was clear that we cannot have them three playing at the same time? These questions, I'm afraid, are a tad too late to address.

The defence wasn't bad but our midfielders and the so called strikers were crap. Macheda was ineffective, but, to be honest, you cannot really expect an 18 year old to shine all the time. He won us the league last year, put us back in the game vs Chelsea but today he was anonymous. The other striker, the one I've been criticizing since his debut, made me punch the air in frustration and even utter words I shoudn't be saying. I really hope we sell him this summer because I have seen enough. He could control the ball, yes, but he cannot threaten the opponents! Whoever calls him 'Berbagod' is a complete jackass, and unfortunately, I happen to know a few. I guess I'm even more godly than him! Meanwhile Nani tried hard, but wasn't effective. He couldn't even hit a decent corner. I cannot recall a game this season in which we scored from a corner. Valencia should have scored but his finish was tame. He didn't really threaten the Blackburn defence during the match while Giggs and Scholes, well, I think they're past their best and are really useless whenever they are fielded together. We needed energy to break down a stubborn Blackburn side. The energy usually provided by Park, Evra and Fletcher would have been really useful today.

It's a long post, I know, but at times like these I get really hurt seeing my heroes play like that. We were still in with a shout to win the league but we have bottled it and I guess this season is over for us. Looking back at games I'd have to say that the Bayern Munich game at the Allianz Arena has defined our season. Because of our European exit, the players are deflated and that, I believe, made us go through this turbulent period in the league. I'm quite sure we're not winning the league this year but at least I hope United win the next games and finish 2nd. The derby next week is a must win!


King said…
as u said earlier..
we'll NEVER die!
Oliver said…
no we'll never die but I guess our chance of winning the league has virtually died off
Anonymous said…
Berbagod haha :P

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