United 2 - 0 Man City

Rafael Evans(O'Shea) Vidic Evra
Park(Rooney) Fletcher Giggs Ronaldo(Scholes)
Berbatov Tevez

Another win and another step towards securing our 18th league title. It was a polished team performance by the lads which was capped by two beautiful goals. Ronaldo scored yet another freekick while Tevez who was out to prove his worth, scored another fine goal after a delightful touch by Berbatov. Tevez was unlucky not to score a hat trick as he hit the post twice.

I believe today's game was the most difficult of the remaining fixtures. Overcoming City's challenge is of huge importance and now we are surely going to win the Premier League. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch but hey, who the devil would bet on United losing 2 out of the remaining 3 fixtures? I'm confident we can win at least 2 of the remaining fixtures.

I didn't like Ronaldo's reaction when he was substituted. Yes, it means that he wanted to play the whole match but such reactions in front of the fans and whole world shouldn't be accepted by Fergie. Ronaldo should learn that Manchester United isn't just about him, I agree, he's an exceptional footballer but there are about 25 other players contributing to the success of this club.

My man of the match was Tevez who ran his socks off to prove a point to Fergie or whoever is keeping his permanent transfer from happening. Sadly, according to the newspapers, Tevez said that he's going to be at another club next season since United don't 'respect' him. I have read this article on The Sun which has some journalists who like to make up a story or two. So unless I watch a video of this interview I won't believe anything. I just hope Fergie signs Carlos!

Next match is vs Wigan. In a week's time we can seal another Premier League Title! C'mon United!


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