Barcelona 2 - 0 United

O'Shea Rio Vida Evra
Park(Berbatov) Carrick Anderson(Tevez) Giggs(Scholes)
Ronaldo Rooney

I'm not going to complain. United deserved to lose because we didn't do anything for 80 minutes. We started the game quite brightly and could have scored after a couple of minutes but Barca (just as Chelsea did last year) scored against the run of play. From that point on Barca never looked back and United just chased shadows. Our midfield was inexistant or rather outclassed by the magnificent Iniesta and Xavi.

Our man of the match was VDS who managed to keep a respectable scoreline with some fine saves. Messi showed the world why he's considered the best player in the world at the moment with some fine touches and a superb goal to crown his performance.

Now, just as I had predicted, people who hate United seem to have forgotten the fact that United won 3 trophies this season. Winning the World Club Cup, League Cup and Premiership is not something to be ashamed of! Ending another season trophy-less is though! Don't worry just as Fergie stated : "We'll be back next year"

Until then, Well done to Barca. Enjoy your success. Pique, you're one lucky man!

Now I'm off to study since I have an A Level exam tomorrow.



Anonymous said…
So dissaaointed we lost :(
Anonymous said…
Ulrik Fredrik said…
Hi Oliver,

I'm gutted beyond belief too mate.

Anyway, Hi. I'm writing to let you know about the FREE Unofficial Manchester United 2007/2008 UEFA Champion League Season E-Review that I just finished producing. The name itself is self-explanatory but the additional feature is that I've included links to Youtube videos to enable a richer experience in reigniting United's triumphs in the road to Moscow.

I'm currently in the midst of producing the 08/09 e-review (was hoping for a happy ending) but I feel its still important to come up with a quality 08/09 season e-review even though we lost to Barca. We learned a lot from it.

I wish to personally give you a copy of the FREE Unofficial Manchester United 2007/2008 UEFA Champion League Season E-Review (let me know) and maybe you can offer it to your readers as well. The editing is kinda sketchy but that just boils down to my incompetency in art. :P The presentation will hopefully improve in this forthcoming edition.

hanks for your time.

Warmest regards, Ulrik Fredrik
Oliver said…
yes I'd love to watch the e-review :)

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