Sunderland 1 - 2 United

Neville Vidic Evans O'Shea
Park(Ronaldo) Carrick Scholes Rooney
Tevez(Anderson) Berbatov(Macheda)

I guessed the score on my previous post, well done to me! Anyway I didn’t watch the match since I decided to go to the Gozo Stadium to watch 2 local teams battle it out for the local Championship. A beautiful chipped header by Scholes and another goal, though a tad lucky, by Macheda won us the match. Macheda's goal was also our 100th goal of the season.

Since United have been chopping years off my life with less than inspiring performances, I decided that I’d better go watch two local teams rather than experience another nail biting, life threatening United match. I told my sister to keep me informed via Txt messages. As I received a txt message that Scholes had scored I was quite pleased and relaxed as I watched Sannat FC( lead against Ghajnsielem FC( I received another txt message some time later and it read Utd 1 – 1. I was gutted and spent the rest of the match worrying about United instead of enjoying a rare breath taking match at the Gozo Stadium. Thankfully the 3rd and final message I received, which when received made my heart skip a beat, read ‘United 2-1, Kiko has scored after 43 seconds!’ I was relieved and the match ended, just as I had predicted, 2-1.

Now, I have watched the highlights and joined in the banter of some United fans. Everyone was uttering the same words, Berbatov is a waste of money! He was completely anonymous during the match and I hope that Fergie starts with Tevez and Rooney up front against Porto. The saying goes ‘never change a winning team’, we won the Premier League and the Champions League last season with these two up front so I don’t know why on earth Fergie rarely starts them both up front.

Bring on Porto


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