Newcastle 1 - 2 United

O'Shea Rio Vidic Evra
Ronaldo Carrick Fletcher Park
Rooney Berbatov(Giggs)

Everybody seems to be saying how lucky Man Utd are. I can’t understand why people make such statements! Yes, it’s true, Newcastle did give United an easy goal but so did we! Newcastle started the game on a high, they have surely upped their game for this match otherwise if they played like this week in week out, they wouldn’t be at the bottom end of the table. United who trailed the Barcodes for a couple of minutes scored through Rooney and Berbatov. Rooney’s goal was cracking. This was his 3rd Premier League goal in 3 appearances since his return from injury.

My men of the match were Park and Rooney. They both ran their socks off, Rooney scored one and created the other, Park crossed to Berba for the second goal. Newcastle should count themselves lucky because Taylor committed a disgraceful foul on Ronaldo yet the Ref only showed him a yellow card. By the way, Van Der Sar is human afterall! All those who watched the match know why I'm saying this.

Anyway, our 7 point lead is restored and we still have a game in head. Things are definitely looking promising! Next match vs Fulham FA Cup.


King said…
FA Cup...
our next Cup..
Oliver said…
Well King, I think we have a very big chance of winning it. But I guess Chelsea will be all out to frustrate us and will make sure we don't do the quintuple...

It's all about believe though!

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