United 4-0 Wigan

Line Up:
O'Shea Vidic Ferdinand Evra
Ronaldo Scholes Anderson Giggs
Tevez Rooney
This was destined to be a day from hell for the Red Devils until Tevez scored. Saha got injured prior Kickoff, and Vidic and O Shea limped off the field during the first half. Thanks to a great goal by Tevez, 2 goals by Ronaldo and an unusual header by Rooney United won this enjoyable match and now we are on TOP OF THE TABLE(at least for 24hrs) and I’m on top of the world after this performance.

But it wasn’t an enjoyable first half, although it was clear United were the better team we didn’t capitalise on our chances. We had a handful of corners but none were effective, the players should train hard on set pieces. So Wigan managed to contain United, I thought it was going to be one of those days just until the second half started…

In the second half United were simply brilliant, they were explosive and could have scored instantly. Giggs hit the bar but minutes later Tevez battled his way past the Wigan defence and scored a great goal after two great passes by Rooney and Anderson. Ronaldo added 2 more goals the former coming from a simple header while the latter coming after unselfish play by Rooney. And he [Rooney] was later rewarded with a goal of his own, a header concluding a Simpson cross. United could have scored more but somehow Wigan managed to keep the scoreline 4-0. Earlier in the 2nd half Wigan had a good chance of their own when Valencia’s shot was brilliantly saved by our Polish goalkeeper.

The second half was an excellent display of attacking football, Scholes was the engine of the team, while Rooney and Ronaldo drove the team forward. All the players had a good game, although some were inexistent in the 1st half. I was impressed by Simpson, and Pique justified his reputation of being a great centre back. All in all I’m really pleased, in my last blog I stated that I was desperate to see United play last year’s football, well they did today and stuffed Wigan with 4 great team goals and as the match commentator said, “The Good Times Are Back At Old Trafford.”

Now we face Aston Villa away from home in a fortnight, it will be a difficult match since Aston Villa seem to be very strong at home but although I’m not expecting the Champaign football we witnessed in today’s second half I expect a win.
For these 2 weeks I’ll be supporting my beloved England, the 3 lions are on the right track after their recent wins and I don’t expect Estonia to derail England!
Soooo, Come On ENGLAND!
Player Ratings: Kuzchak-7, Simpson[in for Oshea]-8, Ferdinand-8, Pique[in for Vidic]-7. Evra-7, Ronaldo-9, Scholes-9, Anderson-8, Giggs-7, Tevez-8, Rooney-9. (subs:Nani-6)


Anonymous said…
tevez should be given a 9
maroonfever said…
i didnt see the match but when i heard that man utd had won with such a gr8 score i was pleased that a little of last years football is back.. btw thanks for the gr8 updates..
Stevie Red said…
That's wot I call a performance, a four star performance and would have been 5 stars if united played well in the fist half...come on you reds!
manutdforever said…
aston villa away..i n its been a good ground for us..but..dey seem to b really good..specially agbonlahor moore young n barry..!! hopefully v can win..not very confident..hopeflly rooney ronaldo n tevez r safely bak frm intl week..
P.S. is any1 else frustrated with nani n his sucky attitude..!?
Anonymous said…
wot do u mean by 'sucky attitude'?
Stevie Red said…
I think Manutdforever is refering to his expressions when he gets substituted or when he doesn't start a match. He doesnt seem happy at United...well thats my opinion

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