Feyenoord 1 - 0 United

Darmian Bailly Smalling Rojo
Schneiderlin Herrera
Mata(Young) Pogba Martial(Memphis)

I thought we were better than Feyenoord but our attacking play was very poor. It looks like some of our best players are either out of form or just had a week from hell. We didn’t lose against a bad team but we lost a game that we should’ve won.

Rashford started the game to the delight of all United supporters. However, our English striker was too isolated up front and his frustration was evident in the second half when he started shouting at his team-mates to advance further. Pogba played like a player who doesn’t give a shit. Every time he got the ball he acted like that boy everybody had in his juniors football team who thought he was all that and never passed to his team mates. He needs to learn how to get the ball, pass and move, rather than get the ball and try to take on all opposition players. Very frustrating. Martial worked hard during the first half but the end product wasn’t there. Again this is a super player who has seriously under-performed so far this season. I don’t think he had one good game from 5 appearances so far. Hopefully both our Frenchmen will improve. That’s about £150m worth of talent right there. Our other attacking midfielder, Mata, posed little threat to the Feyenoord defence. It looked like they were too physical for him.

I thought Schneiderlin read the game really well. He was probably our best player. Herrera worked hard, as usual. Bailly and Smalling were solid. This was definitely the biggest positive of the night; the birth of what has the potential to be a very good defensive partnership. Darmian had an OK game. Rojo had a nightmare. I have absolutely no idea how he’s still a Manchester United player. Shaw definitely has no competition for his left-back spot. Can’t even believe this Rojo guy was a very important first team member of an Argentina side that reached the 2014 World Cup final and the 2016 Copa America. It is no surprise that the goal (which shouldn’t have stood - OFFSIDE), came from Rojo’s side.

The subs made very little impact. Young missed a very good chance to score. On the 88th minute, Memphis had to deliver a free-kick into the box but instead sent it to the stand behind the goal. I am sure that I could have delivered a better free-kick. All he had to do was to put a ball with pace into the box.

Anyway, we started our Europa League campaign with a loss. I am not having the ridiculous claims that Mourinho doesn’t care about this competition. In every press conference he’s mentioned that he won the Charity Shield in August; a far less prestigious piece of silverware. He wouldn’t have even considered putting on Ibra when it looked like we weren’t going to score if he really didn’t care. True, I won’t lose much sleep about losing this game but claims that Mourinho doesn’t want to win this competition are ludicrous.

Watford next; a team that must still be buzzing after a brilliant comeback against West Ham. Hopefully we can get the three points and hope for our rivals to slip up. Either Chelsea or Liverpool (or both) will drop points and Hull might frustrate Arsenal. There’s no way City will drop points against Bournemouth and Tottenham will definitely win against Moyes’ Sunderland team. You may go place some bets based on my predictions ;)

Come on United! 


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