United 2 - 1 Leicester City

Valencia Bailly Blind Shaw(Rojo)
Carrick(Mata)(Miki) Fellaini
Lingard(Herrera) Rooney(Schneiderlin) Martial(Rashford)

Community shield winners. Photo: The Guardian

Hello there! I am back for the new season after a brief summer hiatus. We've lived a few eventful months since our FA Cup win. We've got a new manager, new players and learned that a month can now be called "48 hours"....just ask all journalists reporting on the Pogba transfer. I am pretty happy with the new signings especially with the one that was announced today i.e. Pogba.  100+ million is obviously an exaggerated fee to pay for a 23-year old but then again, that's what we should expect from a super-inflated market. 

So we started the new season exactly like we ended the last one: winning some silverware. Despite the new faces, the game had a last-season feel to it; our football super boring and we looked disjointed. Some of our players still look miles away from top shape which is a bit worrying. Today's game is just a glorified friendly so I do expect to see a different United when the real football starts next week. I wasn't impressed at all during pre-season. This side is still a far-cry from the football team Mourinho wants to build. Well, let's hope so. The football I've seen so far has been as dour as the football played under LVG. (Don't be fooled by that second half vs a dispirited Galatasaray)

This side has one big problem that Mourinho needs to address: Rooney is still not up to it. We can't start the new PL season with him in the side because he's simply not fit at the moment. If you follow this blog, you should know that I love Rooney but I can't deny that he looks off the pace, his first touch is as heavy as ever and his passing was a bit wayward today. With Mata and Miki in the team, I hope he isn't thrown into the side by default anymore. We've got a good enough squad now and all players should work hard for their place.

It would be unfair to only single out Wayne. The likes of Martial, Carrick and Fellaini should have done better today. Ibra didn't really set the world alight but he did score the winner and if that's what he can do when he's had an off-day then I'll be happy. I still think the club and fans are kissing his arse far too much. 

Just like the FA Cup final, today's game was blessed with a fine goal by Lingard. For a moment, you'd have been forgiven if you thought United bought Messi during the summer. Great skill to get past three defenders and, for a player who's quite frustrating in front of goal, a surprisingly decent finish. The speed he showed to score the goal was also a breath of fresh air. I think we're very slow up front. We need more speed. 

I thought our defenders had a good game. They can't really be blamed for the atrocious mistake by Fellaini which gifted Vardy the equaliser. It was great to see Shaw still has his pre-injury speed and Bailly's display was very encouraging. He is a bit rash at times but you'd expect that from such a young defender. He is my MOTM. 

Good start to the season but we need to improve our football. Bournemouth next. God, it feels good to have Manchester United back week-in week-out after the summer break.

Will we win the league? We'll probably need some time till this squad reaches its full potential so I wouldn't say that I expect United to win the league but I do believe that exciting times lie ahead. Come on United!


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