Hull City 0 - 1 United

Valencia Bailly Blind Shaw
Fellaini Pogba
Mata(Rashford) Rooney(Smalling) Martial(Mhiki)

There's nothing like winning a game at the death and how good was it to see Marcus score the winner! We absolutely battered Hull but they defended in numbers and they defended brilliantly. We wouldn't have won this game last season. The increase in intensity during the final 15 minutes was something we haven't seen for some time. Our players never gave up and got exactly what they deserved: three points. 

There were times when our players were really sloppy, especially during the first half. Rooney was dispossessed 5 times in the first 30 minutes. Pogba was average but showed glimpses of brilliance here and there. Mata was wasteful. Martial anonymous. Fellaini made some stupid fouls. We were attacking Hull all game long but our intensity upped a notch when Mhiki and Rashford were on the pitch. Their speed tore Hull's defenders apart. They probably deserve to start United's next game. 

I can't understand Rooney; He was piss poor for the whole game and then brilliantly created Rashford's goal. I think that's his third assist this season. I still don't think he deserves to be starting games though.

Our defenders were fantastic. Blind excellent. Shaw showed what we've missed last season, Bailly hasn't set a foot wrong this season and Valencia looks like a new player. Our fullbacks will be crucial in our bid to win the title. DDG had very little to do and that's testament to the great work done by our defenders.

9 points out of 9, 2 clean sheets, 6 goals scored - we're set up nicely for the Manchester derby in a fortnight. FORTNIGHT. 2 weeks without Man Utd. International games really are a buzzkill. 


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