United 3 - 1 Liverpool

Darmian Smalling Blind Shaw
Carrick(Schneiderlin) Schweinsteiger
Mata(Martial) Herrera Memphis(Young)

That was a very good performance by Manchester United. We were in control from start to finish and only suffered Liverpool's pressure for a few minutes during the second half. Unfortunately, like most teams visiting Old Trafford, Liverpool came to get a draw. It's amazing how such a big football club can sink to such lows. I accept that the likes of Newcastle come to Old Trafford to get a draw, a winning draw in their eyes, but to have Liverpool come up with the same petty tactics is ridiculous for them. Their game plan was working a treat and that's one of the two reasons why the first half was so drab. Add the fact that we didn't have a striker on the pitch and that will explain to you why we didn't manage a shot on goal during the first half. 

I told my friend watching the game with me that we will only win this game if somebody shoots from outside the box and manages to get it out of the keeper's reach. There was no way we can unlock Liverpool's defence, not with Fellaini up front anyway. A shot from long distance was exactly happened a few minutes into the second half and thank God it happened so early. After our goal, Liverpool finally started to play and we were more free to attack. Our first goal was straight out of the training pitch. Young, put on for Memphis and who made an impact on the game, won a freekick on the left. From the kick, Mata passed the ball to an unmarked Blind and the latter finished perfectly. Blind was my man of the match. He scored one and managed to clear a ball off the line, apart from defending pretty well. 

Herrera scored our second from the spot and then Benteke scored a worldy; a goal fit to win any football match. I thought the goal would lead to some nervy final minutes but up steps young Martial, gets the ball from the left, goes past two Liverpool defenders and places to the right of Pool's goal. Our new star put the game to bed as the Old Trafford faithful finally saw what the hype about this expensive youngster was. I can see why he is likened to Henry. Hopefully that goal will be the first of many. Welcome to Old Trafford Anthony Martial!

I am obviously delighted. No win is sweeter than a win over Liverpool. However, I feel a bit worried about the fact that we are so brilliant in possession but lack that final punch. We will be facing a lot of teams that will do nothing but defend. Are we capable of breaking a team that is defending with 8 defenders? I don't know. Maybe the acquisition of Martial will give us that something special up front but I think he's too young to actually be the influential figure we need up front. Rooney hasn't been setting the world alight in the premier league this season and Fellaini should never play as a striker again. He was much better when he played behind Martial. 

Good win over the scousers. Good to see Martial score on his debut. Good to see Schweinsteiger and Carrick control the middle of the park. Good to see Smalling and Blind boss Liverpool's forwards. BUT over and above all, it was good to have David De Gea back in goal. He reminded us how good he is with a couple of good saves. Bravo United. 


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