United 2 - 2 Fulham

Rafael(Valencia) Smalling Vidic Evra
Mata Carrick Fletcher(Januzaj) Young(Chicharito)
Rooney RVP

A one sided game. Fulham had three shots on target and scored two. We had hundreds, if not thousands, of shots and scored two. It's difficult to understand football but that's the way it goes. Sometimes you play well and lose, sometimes you play like shit and still win. We played horrendously during the first half but played very well during the second. The thing is that we were very predictable. We crossed the ball far too often and that didn't cause Fulham too much concern. More often than not, they had 6 players defending in the box so those crosses were all futile. 

Despite the prevailing circumstances, I still thought we were going to win the game. We've got too many quality footballers compared to them. We were all over them for 45 minutes and they barely had a sniff of the ball. The possession stat tells the whole story. We managed to turn the result in 2 minutes but failed to hold on to our lead for one more minute as Fulham drew level in the fourth minute of stoppage time. United of old wouldn't have allowed that to happen. But it's useless comparing this United to the old United. Things have changed. We'll experience more lows in the future but this is part of the process of righting the wrongs. 

Moyes will build his own team and then we'll be able to judge him. At the moment, all I can say is that Moyes isn't capable of playing with Fergie's players. It's obvious. There's a reason leading to all these negative results. But that's understandable. Managers have their own tactics and their own philosophy and it's difficult for a manager to change his philosophy overnight. What baffles me is why on earth didn't we buy players that fit Moyes' ideology during the summer. Perhaps Moyes thought that the current players were going to adjust to his way of play but they've evidently let him down. I just hope he's given enough time to rebuild this football team. There are too many average players in the squad and quite a few over the hill footballers. One of them is Nemanja Vidic who has already confirmed he's leaving United this summer. For all those bemoaning his (and the club's) decision; just look at the 46th minute (1st half injury time) of today's game and you'll see a defender who's lost touch and pace. He's given us 8 wonderful years but there's no room for sentiment in football and his time is up. Evra & Rio should follow.

We won't finish in top 4 and therefore we won't be playing Champions League football next year but hey, we've been spoilt rotten during the past 20 years so it won't be too much of an issue for me to experience a few barren years. Obviously, there's no guarantee that once Moyes builds his own team, success will follow, however, I just hope he does build something special and make all these stupid people on social media eat their words. Come on United! 


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