Olympiakos 2 - 0 United

Smalling Rio Vida Evra
Valencia(Welbeck) Cleverley(Kagawa) Carrick Young
RVP Rooney
First words that come to mind after the game? Poor, horrific, abysmal, dreadful and absolutely pathetic. I could go on but I cannot be arsed to think of more words that have the same meaning. What the hell was that?! I've seen poor performances this season but that tops the lot. We made an ordinary Greek side look like Bayern fuckin Munich. Yes, we were playing away from home but the least I expect from my United is to have mustered at least two decent shots at goal before the 80th minute. That didn't happen and when we created a chance, sometime in the dying stages of the game, RVP fluffed it. 

So what was the problem? The problem was throughout the team. Rio at the back was slow and sloppy. Smalling is not a right back. The midfield was a shambles...even Carrick was giving the ball away. Young tried hard but his delivery wasn't good enough while Valencia was atrocious on the right. The spark that we badly needed came in the form of Welbeck and Kagawa but it was a tad too little too late. We managed to create some half chances after their introduction but our strikers didn't take their chance. Shame. If we pulled one back we would be in a good chance to progress to the quarters but at 2-0 I don't really fancy our chances. 

Can we score three goals at Old Trafford? Of course we can! We've got enough fire power. Will we score the three goals? Probably not. Not if today's United show up. We must also keep in mind that we cannot afford to concede a goal. 

So who's to blame? Is it Moyes? Yes, he's got to take some blame. The long ball game was probably his idea. That game is played by small, technically less gifted, sides. We simply shouldn't be playing that game. So, yes, Moyes and his technical team need to shoulder some of the blame. However, I still believe that the players aren't doing their best. Ok, we've got some players who aren't good enough for United. They were just chosen to be part of this squad and they can only give you a certain level of quality. It's not their fault that they're not good enough and none of them will refuse to join/play for United. They'd be absolutely bonkers to do so. So the previous management need to hold their hands up and admit that they did leave Moyes with a few players who are definitely not United standard. Nevertheless, there are players who were absolutely brilliant last year but seem to have taken a huge fall on their backside this year. On nights like this, I expect more from Carrick, Rooney, RVP, Vidic, Rio, Evra and Valencia. They should have enough experience and quality to carry this team.

So after last weekends decent performance, we're back to square one. We're currently taking one step forward and two backwards. Amidst all the gloom and doom surrounding today's performance, I'd like to thank one of Olympiakos' players whose moustache made me crack a bit of a smile. And, yes, that was the highlight of today's game for me. It speaks volumes of today's performance when your football team gets out-shined by a ridiculously overgrown moustache. So take a bow Paolo Machado, Freddy Mercury would have been proud of your moustache. 

On a more serious note; Come on United, I know you can do better! 

P.S. This same Olympiakos side + two very good players who were sold during the January transfer window, were trashed 4-0 by PSG, a team we should be competing with. 


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