The Curious Case of Wayne Rooney

So Rooney wants to move to a new club. No fresh news there. However, unlike many, I believe he's not looking for more money. He's getting plenty of that at United. Nor do I believe that he doesn't want to play second fiddle to RVP. Roo has played in the shadows of Ronaldo and he did quite well and seemed to have enjoyed the ride. He just wants a new club and, over and above all, a new challenge. As a United fanatic, I can't understand why. What has made Roo so angry to make him want to leave one of the best football clubs in the world and swap it for a successful, yet farcical, club in the form of Chelsea? The decisions that the Chelsea football club's directors make are astounding. There is no continuity nor stability. Why would anyone want to swap the comforting walls of Old Trafford and head to that circus led by the self proclaimed special one?

Let's liken Roo's case to the simple relationship of a girl and a boy. Once you start going out with a girl, you think she's the most beautiful lass in the world. Everything's rosy. You'd move mountains for her and she'd do likewise. Years pass and the cracks in the relationship start showing. You'd rather meet your best mates and have a good night at the pub than spend an evening watching a DVD with her. One argument leads to another, you'd kiss and make up but neither will forget the words said while engaged in the argument and to add insult to injury, you see your single mates having fun with different girls. You start thinking that the grass is greener on the other side and you're better off without her. That's what has happened to Wayne Rooney. He's proclaimed his love for our club time and again. He said he had made a mistake in 2010 when he wanted out and has kissed the badge on numerous occasions. We forgave him in 2010 but never did we forget what he said about the ambitions of our club. Ferguson never forgave Rooney and his agent for trying to engineer a move away from OT a couple of years ago. On the other side, Roo's seeing players changing clubs for fun while getting better contracts. He thinks that Chelsea is a better place to express his football, yet he's forgetting that he's on the verge of legendary status at Old Trafford. The boy wants to go to the whore next door and sacrifice his 9 year relationship with the girl he has loved since his teenage days. He thinks there won't be any arguments, he thinks that this new girl will be better than what he has right now. It might be true, but why risk the stability for someone with a volatile personality. The whore next door will date different boys at the same rate Chelsea change managers and players. Things might look auspicious at first but a change of setting/customs might prove to be a step too far for somebody. Just ask Michael Owen when he headed to Spain and a more recent case of Torres.

The boy might think that his love for the girl has diffused. But love doesn't evaporate just like that, not after 9 years. The girl is angry at the boy and tries to act as if she doesn't care about what he's doing. But deep down, she still loves him. Deep down, we love Wayne Rooney and would forgive him in a blink of an eye if he decides to stay.  Why? Because he's a brilliant footballer. Amid the quarrels, the boy has made his girl happy during the past years. She needs him as much as he needs her. We need Wayne Rooney and he still needs us. As long as he's our player, we'll have to support him. As soon as he breaks all contacts with us and heads to London, then he's just another player who opted to substitute the hard work he's put at this club for a short term option. If you change a girl for someone who is genuinely better, than it's ok. BUT I'm convinced that Chelsea FC is quite adequate to play the role of the whore rather than the pretty, fit, girl with a lovely personality. 

The ball's in his court.


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