West Ham 2 - 2 United

Rafael Rio Vidic Evra
Valencia Carrick Jones Kagawa(Chicharito)
RVP Roo(Giggs)

Let's look at the bright side. That Premier League trophy is one point closer to Old Trafford. Playing at Upton Park is not an easy task. In fact, this season, only 3 sides managed to topple the Hammers in this stadium. Our players only switched on after conceding the second goal. The reaction was reminiscent of those days, earlier this season, when we used to have to come back from a goal (or two) down. The comeback wasn't completed today so we have to make do with the point. I thought our players did very well to come back from behind twice, so I'm not complaining. A draw is probably a fair result. 

Valencia and RVP scored our goals but the player who kept us in the game was definitely Nemanja Vidic. That was a captain's performance. He was absolutely terrific today.  My man of the match by a country mile. 

There were a few players who disappointed me. RVP wasn't at his best, yet again. Sometimes he tried to dribble past West Ham's defence when a pass would have been a better option. Roo was poor and wasn't particularly pleased when he got subbed off. Let's hope he was only disappointed with his performance. I've read plenty of articles that he's on his way out. I think he's our best player, so getting rid of him is definitely a no-no. Carrick looked weary. His passing wasn't up to scratch today. Does he need a break? Probably. But Fergie shouldn't risk that. He's been our fulcrum. Resting him would be the equivalent of trying to drive a car without an engine. I'm not exaggerating, he's been that good for us. 

The subs Fergie made weren't bad. Giggs managed to deliver a couple of decent crosses and Chicharito looked sharp. The duo almost combined to score the winner but Carroll defended Giggsy's cross superbly. On the other hand, I still don't know why Cleverley and Nani were kept on the bench. The latter is now definitely on his way out. He's fit and he can't get a game ahead of the inefficient Valencia.

I almost forgot. Kagawa had a really good game today. He created both goals. Well played. 

So we now need 6 points to win the league. Now, according to my calculations, if City lose this weekend (away to Tottenham) and we win vs. Villa, then the league is ours. Let's hope we start running towards the finish line rather than crawling. We can't afford to lose more points! Well, actually, we can, but that would be too much for my little heart. Let's get this over with. 


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