United 2 - 2 Chelsea

Rafael Rio Evans Evra
Nani(Valencia) Carrick Cleverley Kagawa(Welbeck)
Chicharito(RVP) Rooney

United started brightly but after the half-time break our players failed to show up. I thought the two goals, scored very early on, were paving a way to a good victory. However, we let Chelsea get back in the game and would be out of the FA Cup if it wasn't for De Gea. Chicharito and Rooney scored our goals.

Good Goal by Chicha
It wasn't a good day for most of our players. Rooney was mediocre, RVP is not in form, Cleverley struggled and Valencia was piss poor again. Heck, even Carrick, who delivered one world class pass for our 1st goal, didn't have the best of games today. Rafael and Evra left our central defenders too exposed. Chicharito didn't do much but scored a good goal. That's his job after all, he's not played to dictate games so I don't expect too much from him. Nani was having a good game but the guy must have the stinkiest of lucks in the world. Last Tuesday he was having a very good game and was unjustly sent off. Today, he was doing fine but had to be subbed off  during the 1st half due to injury. Kagawa was OK as well. In reality none of our players excelled today. After such a bright start, the result is quite disappointing but fatigue must have played a huge part today. Chelsea weren't battling one of Europe's best sides last Tuesday. Anyway, another game is something we could have done without! 

I'm not sure when the replay we be played but all I know is that whoever comes out on top at Stamford Bridge will face City at Wembley in the semi-finals. Whoever wins that semi-final will probably win this years FA Cup. The other teams left in the Cup aren't what I'd call menacing. 

It will be very difficult to win against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The FA Cup is the only big competition they've got left to play for. They'll give it their all. Last week we were discussing the possibility of winning three trophies but now we'll have to face what is almost inevitable; we'll probably only end up with 1 trophy. I'd be more than happy with that one trophy though. Scrap that, I'd be over the moon with that trophy!!!

Let's hope we don't crumble. 


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