Chelsea 5 - 4 United

He loves scoring against Chelsea! At least he was onside this time.
I didn't watch tonight's game because I had booked for a halloween event with my friends last week and at the time I had completely forgotten about the Capital One Cup clash with Chelsea. It took me some days before I realised I was going to miss the game and, well, I wasn't going to cancel. In all honesty, I didn't worry too much, after all it was "just the league cup". 

It seems that today's sets of players tried to re-create last night's astonishing game but were 3 goals shy from re-creating yesterday's epic at the Madejski Stadium.

I obviously would want United to win all their matches and all competitions they take part in. Having been leading until the 93rd minute, I'm obviously a tad gutted we didn't go on to win the game BUT I'm not too bothered. 

In the starting line-up, Chelsea had 5 players who started last Sunday's game while we only had one, Rafael. SUBS Ramirez, Oscar and Hazard were involved in the game during the second half as well while Fergie used Macheda, Tunnicliffe and Powell as subs. Huge contrast. So by putting things into perspective, I'm actually quite amazed that our team managed to put in a decent shift against such an experienced side. Giggs, Nani and Fletcher are all experienced players but compared to Chelsea we were a bit short of the experience needed to come out on top in such matches. WELL DONE LADS! 

Beautiful finish by Nani
I have watched the highlights and all three goals scored from open play were pretty good finishes. Nani's goal was probably the most eye pleasing goal of the bunch. It's also a joy to see Chicharito continuing his hot streak and I hope he gets involved during one stage or another vs the gunners. He seems to have regained his confidence back! 

It seems that Buttner, Wootton and Keane committed a mistake or two during the match but from what I've read, I guess they put in a good display against a pretty strong Chelsea side. 

We are now out of the League Cup. If I look at the bright side, it's one less cup to worry about and a lesser chance of more players getting injured. The gloomy side of the story is that we will probably have to wait until next year to see the likes of Wootton, Keane and Tunnicliffe play again. Oh, and we won't be returning to Wembley for another cup final on the 24th of February.

Arsenal next. Now that's a game I'd be hugely disappointed if we failed to deliver. I'll sure be watching!  


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