Chelsea 2 - 3 United

Rafael Rio Evans Evra
Valencia Carrick Cleverley(Chicharito) Young
Rooney(Giggs) RVP

Finally we've broken the 10 year Stamford Bridge hoodoo. We managed to make Chelsea taste their first defeat of the season. Were we lucky today?Of course we were! I'd be one damn liar if I rejected that claim. The first goal we scored was comical and we got a decision or two in our favour. Luiz bummed (is that the term we use if you score with your behind?!) the ball into the back of net after some good play by RVP. Our Dutch striker was at it again by scoring the second and putting United in a relatively unknown position for this season. We actually had a two goal advantage 12 minutes into the game! WOW! 

Good teams like Chelsea won't just back down and they managed to get themselves on level terms by the hour mark. I expected that, to be honest. However the game swung back into our favour when RVP played a brilliant through ball to Young and the latter was floored by Ivanovic. The ref justly sent off Chelsea's fullback. Good decision. Up until then the ref was almost perfect (although he could have easily given our side a penalty when Luiz handled the ball inside the box). Then Torres was shown a second yellow for (allegedly) diving. It wasn't a dive, Evans should have been shown a yellow but instead the ref opted to send off Torres. Wrong decision

With a two man advantage we were obviously better than Chelsea and it was a matter of time when we were going to score. And indeed we did. Chicharito managed to tap the ball home BUT he was definitely in an offside position. That shouldn't have been a goal. But I really don't care. The Chelsea fans didn't give a rat's ass when they had an offside goal allowed against us some years ago. They won the league thanks to that infamous goal. Did they worry that they won the game 'illegitimately'? No. So should we feel pitiful for Chelsea? No chance. We're now one point behind them in the league and I'm obviously happy.

Chelsea again next in the league cup and then Arsenal visit OT. Come on United! 


Anonymous said…
Admitting you do not regret getting an illegitimate goal is showing that you are no better than them. Fairness can work against you, you have to accept it.
Oliver said…
Basically when that incident happened 3 years ago, I accepted it. When Newcastle were given an inexistant penalty last year and got a draw at OT, I accepted it. I didn't hear any complaint from the usual suspects who emerge from the depths of the internet and bemoan every single decision we get our way. No one complained when we got 2 offside decisions against us last tuesday when in reality neither was. So everyone should accept the game as it is, without technology, and stop moaning.

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