Title Deciding Weekend Preview

I just woke up after a loooong night spent with books and notes. The exams are looming but there are plenty of diverging thoughts playing at the back of my head. Thoughts about the Premier League, of course.

Just under a month ago we were in the driving seat. Well, actually I thought that the title was ours. We had the momentum while City were dropping points for fun. Since then we threw away 8 points while City won against WBA, Wolves, Norwich and, of course, us.  Since that post I posted in March titled Man Utd run in vs Man City run in, I have to say I’ve been bang on with my predictions on City’s games. With the exception of their mauling of Norwich, I guessed that they would drop points vs Arsenal, Stoke and Swansea. I never really believed we were going to win at the Etihad. A draw, maybe, but definitely not a win. They’ve been too strong there.

On the other hand I’ve been pretty poor in predicting my own team’s results. I never ever thought that we’d lose vs Wigan and then squander further points vs Everton.  Football is a funny old game that often springs out that odd surprise and, unluckily, we’ve been the victims of football’s old tricks.

It all falls down to the final two games of the season now. We’ve got the task of beating a free-flowing-football-playing Swansea side and then we’ll have to face the daunting challenge of Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. On the other hand City will have to face QPR who, I think, will get a battering. That game could crown them champions of England but only if they win vs Newcastle United in this weekend’s top game.

Let's hope these two show up on Sunday
In Newcastle lie our only hopes of retaining the premier league crown. I’ve been saying all along that I expected City to drop points vs this Newcastle side. The Barcodes will have 50,000 fans spurring them on. At home Newcastle have been formidable. They’ve last been defeated at the Arena, or whatever it’s called now, in December during a very bad patch they had. Mind you that loss came vs WBA and that shows Newcastle’s unpredictability. They’ve lost 3-0 to Chelsea, 5-0 to Tottenham and 4-0 vs Wigan during this season so I’m not sure whether it’s smart to hope they’d be able to bring down City.

However, they have plenty to play for. Just like City. Their striker is in a rich vein of form and I’d expect him to trouble City’s defence who aren’t exactly what the media portrays them to be. It’s Kompany who makes their defence look good and, of course, their outstanding keeper. Lescott, Clichy and Zabaleta could be made to look ordinary, they’re no world beaters.

Anyhow I’d like to think that Newcastle can win or draw this game but my mind says that this game is too big a match for City to bottle. If they bottle it on Sunday then they’re not really made of Champions…yet. If they win, they’d earned the title. 

From the point of not having any guts whatsoever of watching the derby game, I hope I will be able to amass enough ‘courage’ and look on during this weekend’s big games.

So here’s to a game were City drop points. Here’s to Cisse bettering his goal tally. Here’s to Newcastle doing us a great big favour. From the usual BELIEVE bullshit most of us post during this stage of the season, we’ll have to resort to the word HOPE ……and despair. 

In 2005 this happened. Since then we have matched and overpowered Chelsea's Challenge
We’ll 'meet' again in 2 days’ time, when we’ll have a clear picture of where the title is going. To conclude, if City win on Sunday then the FA might as well start decorating the PL trophy with blue ribbons. If this happens I believe that it could take a year or two before Fergie could break City’s hold on the title. It’s our fight with Chelsea since their rise all over again.  

Numquam Moribimur 


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