Liverpool 1 - 1 United

De Gea
Smalling Rio Evans Evra
Park Fletcher Jones Young
Welbeck Giggs
Chicharito was our hero today

I didn't have a good feeling about this game and the starting line-up didn't really do anything to bolster up my hopes. Nani, Roo, Chicharito and Anderson were on the bench. It was a gamble Fergie took and NOW I think it was well worth the risk. A draw at Anfield is a good result given that this is "SURELY Liverpool's year". 

The first half was drab but the second half lived up to all the hype. Liverpool, admittedly, had the best chances during the game but our goalie was superb and he was, in my opinion, our man of the match. So here's my big fat "in your face!" to the idiots who laughed at him at the start of the season. Well done lad! 

Our back four had the best game of the season. Smalling improved as the game grew older, Rio used his experience well while Evans and Evra barely put a foot wrong. Our midfield was a tad disappointing, maybe because they were too defensive minded. Young didn't do anything impressive, Park looked weak, Fletcher didn't get a grip hold of the game while Jones was OK on his first midfield appearance in the red of United. Giggs played much better during the final 20 minutes. Welbeck at the front ran his socks off and I salute him for that. His ball control was excellent and he handled Liverpool's pressure superbly. Well done Danny!

Now, about the ref's performance. I'm going to be as honest and unbiased as possible. Liverpool had a stonewall penalty but on the other side a player of theirs handled the ball, so we could have had a penalty as well although it would have been a tad harsh on the scousers. However, that freekick they scored was never a freekick. Adams dived on that occasion and so did that dirty git Suarez on a number of occasions. Thankfully that goal was eventually cancelled by our little pea, who headed in a corner....yes a corner. Thank god for Chicha!

All in all im happy. We're still unbeaten and although City will probably be at the top of the table in an hours time, I'm still delighted we managed get a point at Anfield without even playing our best XI. Well done United!


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