Marseille 0 - 0 United

O'Shea Smalling Vidic Evra
Nani Fletcher Gibson(Scholes) Carrick 
Rooney Berbatov

A very poor game of football with both teams defending extremely well the odd attack. A 0-0 result is never a safe one but this draw is, in my opinion, a pretty decent result. Neither side deserved to win this game so the result is only fair on both teams. 

Smalling was excellent
United's midfielders and strikers were really poor today but our defense did well and neutralized most of Marseille's chances. Smalling, in my opinion, excelled yet again. However, Gibson, Carrick, Rooney and Berbatov were abysmal. Nani, who looked like the only player capable of creating something, started many promising attacks but never really delivered a decent ball in the box while Fletcher did most of the running but lacked quality. I like Gibbo, he delivers mouthwatering long balls and has a potent shot but his passing is shocking sometimes. There's plenty of room for improvement if he wants to make it at United! 

Something's still seems to be wrong with Rooney. He worked hard but he was outpaced and showed that even Evra could dribble more than him. C'mon ROO! 

Evra with the Judas who wanted to join Liverpool 3 years ago
I'm quite confident we'll get the win at Old Trafford but we need to be much better than today. Wigan next...


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