Westham 4 - 0 United

After experiencing the 7th heavens on Saturday, our Club was brought back down to earth with an embarrassing defeat. Our team today was made up of our reserves, true, but these players should wear the red shirt with pride and do their best to avoid bringing United's name to shame. With these youngsters Fergie also fielded Giggs, O'Shea and Fletcher and to be honest these more experienced players were as awful as the less experienced ones. Evans was disastrous and I am now convinced that he doesn't have the ability to make it at United. He put in a couple of decent performances last year but he's been very poor this season.

This was our first loss of the season and I thank God it was 'just' the Carling Cup. Don't get me wrong I wanted United to progress in this competition but i'd rather lose a Carling Cup game than a League game. This was our first defeat in this competition since September 2007 when Michael Mifsud scored two and put Pique to shame. We all know where Pique is now and we all know what he had achieved so maybe Fergie won't rush things again a give Evans some more chances. To be honest though, seeing him in the starting XI sends shivers down my spine.

It feels odd to be out of this competition for the first time in 3 years but I've got absolutely no complaints because the best team won today. Well done hammers and COME ON UNITED!


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