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Chelsea 1 - 3 United

Van der Sar
O'Shea J Evans Vidic Fabio(Smalling)
Valencia Carrick(Fletcher) Scholes(Giggs) Park(Nani)
Rooney(Chicharito) Owen(Berbatov)
Finally the new season has kicked off. United played brilliantly today with Scholes playing some excellent football and delivering exquisite balls onto our players. He was the best player on the field and the England manager must have rued the 'no' Scholes said when he asked for the ginger's services prior to the World Cup. But the World Cup is over, thankfully, and the eye pleasing United are back and back with a bang.

Valencia scored the goal of the game. A visionary pass from Scholes set up Rooney who crossed for Valencia to convert. My limited English isn't enough to describe the goal so if you didn't see it, get on Youtube now! Then the second goal is another must watch for different reasons. Valencia hit a cross and Chicharito kicked the ball into his own face and into the back of the net. It was quite comical but all goals count and he scored on his proper Man Utd debut. Meanwhile the final goal was another goal that had class written all over it. Nani and Berbatov linked up well and the latter lobbed the ball over the rushing Hilario and into the back of the net.

Overall it was a deserved victory against a team that surely has problems and I think, a
nd hope, that Chelsea will have a difficult season. Their defence looks a tad slow aaaand, well, I'm not complaining! It was a real joy to watch this game although my heart had it's first test of the season when United looked like they were going to throw away a 2 goal advantage. The players who, in my opinion, have a lot of room for improvement are Fabio and Smalling. Fabio was exposed a couple of times and Smalling doesn't know how to pass the ball. He's like the Maltese national team defenders. Everytime he gets the ball he shoots it upfield without any real target. Should sort that out!

Next game is vs Newcastle! Prediction? 3-0.
Well done lads!


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