Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Barcelona 2 - 0 United

O'Shea Rio Vida Evra
Park(Berbatov) Carrick Anderson(Tevez) Giggs(Scholes)
Ronaldo Rooney

I'm not going to complain. United deserved to lose because we didn't do anything for 80 minutes. We started the game quite brightly and could have scored after a couple of minutes but Barca (just as Chelsea did last year) scored against the run of play. From that point on Barca never looked back and United just chased shadows. Our midfield was inexistant or rather outclassed by the magnificent Iniesta and Xavi.

Our man of the match was VDS who managed to keep a respectable scoreline with some fine saves. Messi showed the world why he's considered the best player in the world at the moment with some fine touches and a superb goal to crown his performance.

Now, just as I had predicted, people who hate United seem to have forgotten the fact that United won 3 trophies this season. Winning the World Club Cup, League Cup and Premiership is not something to be ashamed of! Ending another season trophy-less is though! Don't worry just as Fergie stated : "We'll be back next year"

Until then, Well done to Barca. Enjoy your success. Pique, you're one lucky man!

Now I'm off to study since I have an A Level exam tomorrow.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hull 0 - 1 United

Rafael(Eckersly) Brown Neville DeLaet(Possebon)
Nani Fletcher Gibson Martin
Welbeck(Tosic) Macheda

So we can even beat a premier ship team with a mixture of reserve players and youngsters who don't even make the substitutes bench in a normal league game. Darron Gibson scored a wonderful goal to ensure United end the league campaign with a win. I just hope we end the season with a win...

I was highly impressed by De Laet, he seems to be a decent buy. Neville moaned throughout the whole match which irked me as well as his team mates, our Pole in goal did quite well and I just feel sorry for him for not playing that often. I think he is a great goalie who needs to be more sure when to get out of goal and when to stay there. Brown made a solid return and I hope next year his season won't be dampened by injuries. Macheda wasted a couple of good chances while Gibson produced a 5 star goal. Fletcher bossed the midfield well and Nani made a couple of good breaks. All in all im pretty happy about the performance.

Now, it's inevitable, I have to say something about next Wednesday. I already feel really excited. I have no clue how on earth I am going to survive throughout the whole match. I don't enjoy such matches unless United score 3 goals in the first 10 minutes, that's the only way I could just sit and enjoy this final. But dreaming of that is plain stupid, the game will be tight and I won't rule out the possibility of another penalty shoot out. If the world is a fair place we would win the Champions league! Heck! If the world is a fair place we wouldn't be facing Barcellona next Wednesday! It's all about belief....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Champions Of England. Again.

Yes!!!! We’ve done it again! Winning a league title is very very difficult but retaining it is much more difficult hence even sweeter. United have a great squad and even though we had 2 of our most consistent players out for most of the season, Brown and Hargreaves, we still managed to replace them with more than capable players.
At times I just gave up. United started the league very slowly just like last season. We didn't perform well against the 'big 4' teams. We have just won 1 game out of a possible 6, lost 2 and drawn the remainder. The blip we had in March was a blip that really worried me. I was resigned to losing the title to our eternal rivals Liverpool. Luckily we managed to regain composure and win the league.
United have been hit hard by injuries this season. Ferdinand got injured quite often but Evans was always an able replacement. The Irishman has had an excellent season. At right back Neville, who spent most of the season injured, was replaced by a matured O’Shea and the hot prospect Rafael. However I'd say United played a better, more flamboyant brand of football last season in winning the title than they have this year; this time around they have been more professional - they have the swagger of a side that knows how to win.

Edwin van der Sar's record-breaking run between the posts was hugely important to United's success and when not available, Foster and Kuzak played quite well between the posts But Rio Ferdinand's partnership with Nemanja Vidic in the centre of defence was the bedrock of this success; it's a tremendous pairing. The two complement each other superbly.

Vidic was, in my opinion, the best player at United and in the Premier League. I just can’t believe the PFA Player of the Year was awarded to Giggs when Vidic played more games and put in rock solid performances. Apart from the 4-1 defeat to Liverpool in March, I can't remember him putting too many feet wrong; otherwise he has been sensational.

Both Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher had a very good season but I have to mention two of the other main men - Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.
They haven't been brilliant all season but they have dovetailed very nicely when it has mattered - their combined performance has been key to this success.

The games that really made me believe that we were destined to win the league again were the games at home vs Tottenham, Chelsea, Aston Villa and away to West Ham, Wigan and Sunderland.

With the 18th league title in the bag Fergie is already thinking about next year. And so am I. I want an emulation of this year's success! We have now won our 18th league title. Domestically we are the most successfull football team. Fact. Were you watching Merseyside? Of Course you were!

United 0 - 0 Arsenal

O'Shea Evans Vidic Evra
Ronaldo Carrick Fletcher Giggs
Tevez(Park) Rooney(Park)
Align RightA dreadful performance which resulted in a stalemate was enough for United to clinch our 18th title. We have done it in the hard way but thankfully Arsenal's relentless efforts were all neutralised by our excellent defence.

Fergie started Tevez up front but he didn't have the best of days. He was too isolated and had to make way for Park after an hour. What followed was something that really makes me ponder. Tevez made his way out of the pitch by waving to the fans. His waves weren't just to thank the United fans who booed Fergie's decision to substitute the Argie, chanted "Argentina" and "Fergie, Fergie sign him up" throughout the match. His waves, I felt, were almost as if he was saying goodbye to the Old Trafford faithful. Has he given up on his place at OT? I hope not and I do hope United finalise his deal sooner rather than later. His celebrations when lifting the trophy, however, made me believe his spell at OT isn't over yet.

2 matches remain of this memorable season during which we have already won 3 trophies. Our next match is of little significance but the one which is just 11 days away, that vs Barcelona, is a must win. United should up their performance if they want to complete the quadruple and deny Barca a treble...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wigan 1 - 2 United

O'Shea Evans Vidic Evra
Ronaldo Carrick Scholes(Giggs) Anderson(Tevez)
Rooney Berbatov(Park)

We're now 3 points closer to our 18th league title. United showed the reason why they are Champions when they came back from a goal down to win this tough match. At first I thought it was going to be one of those days in which despite all the huffing and puffing there would be no end product.

I was starting to give up on United winning this game, just until OUR Tevez was introduced. He changed the game and scored an exquisite goal which crowned his man of the match performance. Carrick scored the second goal with a wonderful shot which left the goalie scratching his head. Carrick's goal sent everyone into an ecstasy of joy, including Rooney whose comical celebrations might have even made those watching in Merseyside smile.

Both Ronaldo and Rooney could have scored hence seal the issue early on during the game but I think they forgot their scoring boots at home.

Meanwhile Sky Sports has revealed that Tevez has been offered a permanent deal by Man Utd! Now that's another good reason why we Man Utd should be celebrating today...

Our next match is vs. Arsenal. I don’t expect and easy match even though they have been washed aside by United and Chelsea recently. But I guess we’ll still get a win which is more than enough to secure our 18 league title hence knocking Liverpool “off their f***ing perch”

Glory Glory Man UTD!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

United 2 - 0 Man City

Rafael Evans(O'Shea) Vidic Evra
Park(Rooney) Fletcher Giggs Ronaldo(Scholes)
Berbatov Tevez

Another win and another step towards securing our 18th league title. It was a polished team performance by the lads which was capped by two beautiful goals. Ronaldo scored yet another freekick while Tevez who was out to prove his worth, scored another fine goal after a delightful touch by Berbatov. Tevez was unlucky not to score a hat trick as he hit the post twice.

I believe today's game was the most difficult of the remaining fixtures. Overcoming City's challenge is of huge importance and now we are surely going to win the Premier League. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch but hey, who the devil would bet on United losing 2 out of the remaining 3 fixtures? I'm confident we can win at least 2 of the remaining fixtures.

I didn't like Ronaldo's reaction when he was substituted. Yes, it means that he wanted to play the whole match but such reactions in front of the fans and whole world shouldn't be accepted by Fergie. Ronaldo should learn that Manchester United isn't just about him, I agree, he's an exceptional footballer but there are about 25 other players contributing to the success of this club.

My man of the match was Tevez who ran his socks off to prove a point to Fergie or whoever is keeping his permanent transfer from happening. Sadly, according to the newspapers, Tevez said that he's going to be at another club next season since United don't 'respect' him. I have read this article on The Sun which has some journalists who like to make up a story or two. So unless I watch a video of this interview I won't believe anything. I just hope Fergie signs Carlos!

Next match is vs Wigan. In a week's time we can seal another Premier League Title! C'mon United!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arsenal 1 - 3 United

O'Shea Rio Vidic Evra(Rafael)
Park Fletcher(s/o) Carrick Anderson Rooney(Berbatov)

YES!!!! We're through to the Champions League FINAL!!!

A magical away display by the lads ensured United go through to the Champions League final for the second year running. We can now be the first team to win back to back Champions League campaigns. 2 beautiful goals scored by Ronaldo and another scored by Park ensured United cruise past the gunners.

The only down was Fletcher's harsh dismissal. It was clear that Fletcher made a perfect tackle but the referee ordered a penalty and sent Fletcher off. Now, if the Italian ref had a bit of common sense keeping in mind that the game was pretty much over and a final was looming large he should have given Fletcher a yellow card rather than red. The Scot's dream of playing in a final is now over since the decision cannot be reversed. I really do feel sorry for him. He may receive critism at times but I think he's been exceptional for us especially this season.

Anyway, what should have been a tense nailbiting affair turned out to be stroll in the park for United who booked a flight to Italy after just 11 minutes.

Now, our next match is vs Man City this Sunday but prior to that match I have my Pure Mathematics A Level exam to think about! Pray for me eh!

We're the famous Man Utd and we're going to Italy! :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

M'Boro 0 - 2 United

O'Shea Evans Vidic Evra(Rafael)
Park(Nani) Scholes Giggs Rooney
Berbatov Macheda(Tevez)

A game away to M'Boro is always difficult and if you don't believe me ask Liverpool who lost 2-0 a couple of weeks ago. A solid performance by United did the trick and now United have a 6 point advantage. Giggs was on top form today and scored a nicely placed goal while Park put our minds to rest early on in the second half.

A few eyebrows might have been raised when we saw the starting line up. Macheda, Evans, Foster, Scholes and Giggs in the middle, Ronaldo on the bench etc... But Fergie was proved right again with another good display that puts us 7 points nearer to the title.

My man of the match was Giggs. He was so composed and scored an important goal. Scholes controlled possession well although he forgot his scoring boots at home while Vidic's towering presence was too much for the Boro players. Macheda worked hard for the ball and so did Park. Rooney was his usual self on the left while Berbatov put in another decent performance. O'Shea and Evra were solid and Evans showed good composure under the guidance of the great Vidic. All in all it was a good team performance.

I just hope Liverpool crumble under the pressure but I don't expect them to miss on the 3 points tomorow against a poor Newcastle side.

We are peaking again after a minor blip a month or so ago. Our next match could put us into another Champions League final for the second year running. Bring on the Gunners! Let's gun them down!