Fulham 3 - 0 United

Fletcher Carrick DeLaet(Rafael) Evra
Valencia Gibson(Berbatov) Scholes Anderson
Owen(Welbeck) Rooney

Fulham, deservedly, battered United today. Their play was sometimes jaw dropping while United today were completely useless. We have a long long injury list, true, but that is not a good excuse for today's performance. Our squad is(supposedly) made up of professional players who are more than able of putting in a decent performance. Today's performance was anything but decent.

I expected more from the experienced players. Owen was anonymous, Rooney wasn't his usual self, again, Scholes was horrible, Valencia never really got going and Evra struggled to get into the game. At the back I can't really blame our back four. Carrick is not a defender while DeLaet was OK. Losing 3-0 at Craven Cottage is embarrassing. Fulham have now humbled United for the second year running and have put a serious dent on our title challenge. No matter how many Chelsea players will be away at the African Cup of nations, they will, I think, run away with the league. I may sound like I have given up and to be fair with you, I think I have. The performances vs Aston Villa, Wolves and today vs Fulham have been dreadful.

Hopefully with the return of some of the injured players we will get better, well, our situation cannot really get any worse. I'll still give my full backing to our players but hey these performances can only fuel my anger. It hurts to see United play like that! Our players fully deserve the forthcoming hairdryer treatment Fergie is likely to subject them to. Off to complete my school assignment...


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