Chelsea 1 - 0 United

O'Shea Brown Evans Evra
Valencia Fletcher Carrick Anderson Giggs

I expected this defeat. I'm not really confident when United play a big side anymore, especially in the Premier League. However, I didn't expect United to play so well and that's the reason I'm disappointed our lads didn't get at least a point from this clash. We spurned a couple of good chances and at the end that's what contributed to our downfall(with a little help from the ref).

Fergie's 4-5-1 formation seemed to have worked against Chelsea's diamond midfield and at times I thought we were playing better than them. The only problem we have, which is reflected in the match stats, is that we don't have any deadly finishers. We managed a few shots but only 2 were on target. Our midfielders aren't contributing enough when it comes to goals Whenever they get in an ideal position they seem to try and search for Rooney. We depend too much on Wayne and I think that's the reason why Fergie needs to spend some cash and buy a decent striker in January, not a striker with a lot of flair, we have that in our squad. We want a striker who's deadly in front of goal, a van Nistelrooy type of striker.

Chelsea's goal was the result of an inexistent foul. Fletcher took the ball fair and square but I guess the ref wanted to compensate for an earlier event where he unjustly booked Drogba. When the goal was scored, Drogba, who had fouled Brown, was in an offside position and he was clearly an obstruction for VDS. So the goal could have been ruled out for 2 other reasons but the goal stood and Chelsea completed their daylight robbery.

Anyway, we are now 5 points adrift of Chelsea but I still believe we are in a good position. Chelsea still have to play at Anfield, the Emirates and of course Old Trafford. We got a few tough away matches out of the way so I'd say keep the faith coz United never die!


Anonymous said…
with performances like dat w wll win title

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