Valencia & Owen Join United

Antonio Valencia and Micheal Owen joined United this week. The former’s arrival was imminent but the latter’s shocked the footballing world.

I never really followed Wigan hence I can't give my verdict on Antonio but from the videos I have seen on YouTube he seems to be a decent player. While this signing won't get Real Madrid envious I certainly believe that this player’s pace combined with a capability to find the back of the net will help United in attack. He’s definitely no match to Ronaldo but think I he’ll certainly do his best to help the United fans forget Cristiano quickly. I expect Antonio to bag at least 10 goals this season given the fact that he managed to score 6 with Wigan during season 08-09.

The other signing, a jaw dropping one in the form of Micheal Owen, was signed for free. I thing it’s a win-win situation for United. Micheal will only be paid per appearance and he didn’t cost United a single quid. My gut feeling is that he’ll do well unless another injury dampens his season. Owen scored 10 goals last season for Newcastle and a total of 30 goals in 76 appearances during his stint at StJames Park. His career goal ratio is roughly a goal per two matches. While this signing may have been laughable for some people I believe Owen, just like Larsson 2 seasons ago, will prove to be a good signing and if he won’t there won’t be any regrets for spending silly amounts of money. I just hope Owen revives his career at Old Trafford for United’s and England’s sake. With the World Cup looming large Owen has a chance to get back in the England squad and get used to Wayne’s style of play.

Meanwhile United have also bought another Italian teenager. His name is Masacci and he’s 16 years old. I don’t really like Italians and now we have 3 or 4 but in Fergie I trust! Meanwhile Possebon has been loaned to Braga for a year...All the best!


Itinerant said…
Owen is a huuuuuge gamble.
The biggest problem that i foresee for united is that with ronaldo gone who will do the passing especially for Owen who needs good feed.

The one gut who can pass is Rooney but with tevez gone will he play so deep like he played last season. Nani, Carrick are all good but not consistent and Scholes isnt the Scholes we know anymore.

What do you feel?
Oliver said…
As I stressed in my blog Ronaldo will be hugely missed, his sheer brilliance is irreplacable. Carrick, in my opinion, is a great passer of the ball and so is Anderson. Scholes is not the same Scholes we know but his passes are still quite accurate. Meanwhile Valencia, from the videos I have watched, seems to be a player who's well aware of the players around him so I guess he could come up with a good pass or two. Nani has a lot of potential but he's too greedy and never seems to make the right decisions. I guess this season is a great chance for him to prove us wrong. I still believe United should buy at least 2 other players, One in midfield and the other in Attack.

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