Boy I’m over the moon. I opted to go and watch this match at the Manchester United Supporters Club Gozo because I thought that I just could not get through this final alone. Being surrounded by supporters who feel the same emotion as you really makes you feel less nervous.

My confidence grew along the course of time as I watched my heroes giving Chelsea one heck of a game. The club erupted as Ronaldo scored a marvellous goal. The missed chances by Carrick and Tevez made me feel a little less confident about the match and my confidence was shortly sent rock bottom when Lampard levelled. As the game grew older Chelsea looked like scoring but when they hit the woodwork twice, I really thought this was going to be our year. I remember in ’99, Byern Munich hit our woodwork twice too.

The penalty shoot out was next and I just could not bear the tension and decided to leave the club and head off to a quiet area near the Gozo General Hospital. There I found 2 other guys who couldn’t bear watch the penalty shoot out, just like me. As we prayed together I phoned Glenn and asked him what was happening. He told me that if Chelsea miss their next penalty we will be crowned champions. The other two lads and I waited patiently until we heard a distant shout. Shortly afterwards a member of the MUSCG sprinted towards us and told us United had won. We ran frantically towards the club as if our lives depended on this run and there we saw on the big screen our jubilant heroes parading on the Luzhniki pitch. The emotion involved is just indescribable.

United had just won the Champions League, scoring 20 goals and conceding a mere 6 in the process. Nothing more than we deserved, we were the only team unbeaten in this competition. I just wish I could live such moments over and over again, who knows what the future holds? It certainly looks bright.

Thanks lads for the memories. We are the Champions Of Europe and Champions of England :D Everything our heart desired.

Now I’m off to study physics. My heart desires another thing. Passing my a level exams, which is a mammoth of a task given the fact that I didn't do well in Maths.


John said…
Congratulations my Devil friend. You guys deserve all the success your team had for this year.

What can I say, waking up in 2.30am to watch perhaps one of the biggest CL Final of all time. It was worth it.

I’m happy to see TEVEZ lifting that trohpy and it was proud moment for my self as Argentine supporters.

Please check out the latest posting on my blog about this little fella.

Would certainly appreciate you guys to give your thought about him or the game or even your feelings at this moment….
Anonymous said…
majagirl said…
Yes, we did it! It was a hard time in our living room last night, we all were so nervous and could do nothing to help the team. But they managed well by themselves. Good luck with your studies!/Maj-Len
Stevie Red said…
Yesterday's scene brought tears to my eyes. Just like you, I was at a supporters club I couldn't watch this match with my family who know nothing about football.
My uncle went to moscow. God I envy him! I wouldn't be sayin that if United lost though! I have been to Old Trafford on several occasions but my Uncle said that nothing beats the atmosphere he experienced yesterday night!

United Champions Of Europe. Writing that phrase gives me Goosebumps.

Your Title Says it all,
Utd Till I Die No Lie

Stevie Red
-Clare- said…
haha.. thanks for the comment!
I like it when people like my football posts! gives me satisfaction! lol.

hahaha.. anyway, congrats on ur win! enjoy the moment b4 we start all over again and the next time round, we will give you a hard time! =D

hahaha.. well done! aiyo, u guys should watch the penalties!
its the best part of the game!!! wasted la. hahaha..
[YeOp] said…
manchester united are unbeaten in the champions league!

glory glory lift the trophy~
manutdforever said…
great season for united..loved it..but now focussing on next wud b nice to hav a topic started which concentrates on what we need this season in terms of players to be signed..a right back prob alves n a striker is a must..not a fan of fabiano but wud b just abt ok..huntelaar wud b my pick..maybe a winger too..thats if im not asking for too much!! utd till i die..ggmu..champions!!

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