United 1 - 0 Sunderland

The Line Up:
Brown, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra
Eagles, Hargreaves, Scholes, Nani
Tevez, Anderson

After last week's win, United win 1-0 yet again. This time against Sunderland, practically made out of former United players, the coach Roy Keane who was given a very warm welcome and 5 other Sunderland players used to play for Man Utd. The scoreline doesn't reflect by any means the way United played, at least in my point of view. I knew we needed an attacker, and when Saha was called he did his job well, was influential, and at the end of the day he was our saviour. I can't understand these people who question his ability, it's there for all to see. He was threatening throughout the whole 2nd half. As Ferguson said: "Louis Saha gave the players a target. He's very much needed, with his speed and his strength we've missed him so we're delighted to have him back." He's a great forward but due to his niggling injuries, he never completes a whole season, thats why a lot of 'fans' question his abilities.

I didn't get to watch the first half since I had an Accounting private lesson. My teacher decided to fix a time for this private lesson and to my dismay its every Saturday at 5pm, this means I'll miss most of United's premiership matches. Too bad for me, but I'll do my best to skip some lessons, maybe pretending to have a thummy ache or headache would do the trick hehe. Anyways I can't comment on the first half all I know is that it was quite boring.

The second half was entertaining, United played some slick football and Saha replaced Anderson. I heard Anderson had a quiet debut, but Saha was back with a bang! From the moment he set foot on the pitch he looked threatening, especially when he hit a half volley, which was saved brilliantly by the Sunderland goalie. Moments later Saha headed Hargreaves's corner into the back of the net, a goal which sent the fans into raptures, a goal which proved vital. Apart from some shots the remaining minutes of the match proved uneventful and thus the game ended 1-0.

I expected more goals to be honest but a win is a win and we got what we wanted, 3 points. Tevez played quite well, this game proved that he's just like Rooney since he was always there to help the midfield and defence, something Rooney loves doing. I'm not sure we wanted a player with these abilities since we already have one, but anyway Tevez is a United player and he's doing all he could for the club. Meanwhile the much awaited return of Saha was great to witness. He played some good football and brought to the team what it was missing, great finishes and breath taking pace. Personally I think Saha was the man of the match. Anyway we got what we wanted and our next hurdle is away vs Everton. I think it will be a difficult match, but I think the return of Saha as well as Ronaldo will prove to be decisive. We'll wait and see. Until then, I hope England win the next two Euro 2008 matches, and wish there will be no injuries to United players during this international break. Come On You Reds and Come On You Lions!

Over And Out

My Player Ratings :
VDS-6, Brown-6, Ferdinand-6, Vidic-6, Evra-6, Eagles-5, Scholes-7, Hargreaves-6, Nani-7, Tevez-7, Anderson(N/a didn't watch him play) (Subs: Fletcher-6, Saha-8, O'Shea-5)

"The United fans were fantastic - and the Sunderland fans were too - but we're still leaving with no points." Roy Keane


Stevie Red said…
It's a pity ur private lessons will be during Man Utd matches, loool anyway good game we won, saha is back, rooney and ronaldo should be back vs everton, sooo a win is expected. Damn liverpool won 6-0
Jowe said…
Chelsea have just lost! GAME ON!
Joe said…
The previous blogger is me Joe i spelt my name incorrectly, silly me:P
Man Utd Fan[Atic] said…
Great site my friend keep it up... we're back on track and yeah saha was influential, next match we'll have gazza, ronaldo and hopefully wazza back :D

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