Birmingham 0 - 1 United

Starting Line Up:
Brown Ferdinand Vidic Evra
Ronaldo Carrick Scholes Giggs
Rooney Tevez

Another 1-0 win, the fourth one this season. I only got to watch the second half since I had my Accounts private lesson. Thank God United's next match is an early fixture, so I won't miss it. As seen from previous matches, Birmingham are no pushovers they sent out a clear message on their season's first match vs Chelsea when they gave Chelsea one hell of a difficult match at Stamford Bridge. United won this match thanks to a brilliant individual goal by Ronaldo, a breath taking display by Tevez and a great save by Kuzczak which was destined to the back of the net since it took a slight deflection off Ferdinand.

Since I only got to watch the second half I couldn't dish out my opinions about the first half, all I know is that Van Der Sar got injured and will miss the next match. Should this be true, he will be missed, especially given the fact that our next match is vs Roma, a team striving to show us their true colours after last years match.

The second half kicked off promisingly as United took an early lead. Some slow thinking by the Birmingham defence gave Ronaldo a chance to enter into the box and score what would be the winning goal. Birmingham tried to attack, but their attacks were always cut short by our defence or Tevez who was industrious in the second half. Birmingham had several threatening shots on goal but in the end our Polish keeper was always on his toes to keep another clean sheet for United.

Another three points in the bag, another 1-0 win, and yet another clean sheet. We're doing what Chelsea have been doing during the past 3 years under the Mourinho reign, and we - United supporters - used to make a fuss about it. United invested heavily on attacking options, with players such as Nani, Anderson and Tevez yet we only scored 7 times this season in the premiership. Giggs looked poor, although it will be difficult, Fergie must realise that Giggs this year isn't what he used to be, with all respect to this United legend he should be dropped from the starting line up, maybe this will make him try harder to get back into the team, and get back at least the Giggs we had last season. We would be pushing our luck to ask for the performances a young Giggs used to have. Anyway a win is a win, and we're keeping up the pressure on our title rivals Arsenal. In my opinion this year it will be between 3, Arsenal, Liverpool and of course United. Chelsea are way off track, so early in the season. That Abrahamovic guy is a complete idiot, he had a great Ferrari and an exceptional, though controversial, driver(Mourinho) and thanks to his decision the Ferrari is still there, but without a decent driver. Well I thank him for making our life easier to win the league.

Our next match is vs Roma, another 1-0 win maybe? Surely we won't be seeing a 7-1 scoreline, come the end of the game. Will we? Dream on Oli

They say you couldn't judge a player from just a match nevermind 45 minutes, therefore I won't give my player ratings.


Anonymous said…
dream on oli! hehe
Stevie Red said…
I'll be dreamin for a 7-1 scoreline with you
Oliver said…
match will start in a few mins...

let's hope we win!

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