United 1 - 0 Rostov

Bailly Smalling Rojo
Valencia Herrera Pogba(Fellaini) Blind(Jones)
Mhki Mata

Another very boring Europa League night. We deservedly won the game in a very frustrating night for our boys who were playing against a yellow wall. Rostov had no interest in trying to attack our goal until we scored on the 70th minute. The goal capped a fine move by Mata, Ibra and Mhki.

I thought we were quite good during the first half but put our foot off the pedal during the second. It was evident that last Monday's game had its toll on our players. Rojo reached his body's limit and needed a banana to keep going. Pogba had a stinker of a game and also had to go off injured. Blind got injured too. It is a different story when it comes to Valencia though. The guy's fitness is unbelievable. How he keeps bombing up the the right flank for 90 minutes almost twice a week is amazing. Our most consistent player this year. 

Mhki and Mata had a decent game. Ibra flicked the ball to Mata's feet to score the winner and also hit the post. I thought Fellaini had a good game when he replaced Pogba. Rostov didn't do anything for 70 minutes other then defend. However, they did manage to create two excellent chances but found our second goalie, Romero, in excellent form to save brilliantly. His save on the 94th minute from a very good freekick spared our tired players another 30 minutes and booked our place in the quarter finals. We've got a really really good second goalie. Well done Romero! 

Just seen Mourinho's post match interview. He looks tired just like our players. I honestly think that this competition is our way to the Champions League. The 5 teams above us will be playing one game a week until the end of the season while we play two. We've also need to play another two PL games to catch up with the other teams. I don't think we'll make it into the top four. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong. I only think that the Europa League is much more important to Manchester United this year than people realise. 

M'Boro next. Mourinho said that "we'll probably lose".... very odd statement that. We'll be without Ibra, Blind, Pogba and Herrera but I've got no doubt that their replacements can do the job. Come on United!


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