United 0 - 0 Hull City

Valencia Jones(Smalling) Rojo Blind

Carrick(Rooney) Herrera
Mhiki(Mata) Pogba Rashford

How shit was that? Most of our direct rivals dropped points on Tuesday and instead of capitalising on their slips, we drop points against a team that started the day at the bottom of the Premier League. What’s worse is that we were playing at home and never really showed that we could win the game.

We attacked Hull’s end, yes, but were our players really threatening? No.

We only had three chances:
One fell to Pogba who should have scored but shot directly at the keeper;
Another one fell to Rojo who headed weakly;
And finally the greatest chance of the game fell to Mata whose shot was miraculously saved by the goalie.

Other than these three chances, our forward players were kept at bay by Hull’s defence. This problem has been evident throughout the season; we aren’t scoring a lot of goals. If you look at the goals for stat in the PL table you’ll see what a difference there is between our tally and that of our rivals. Teams behind us have scored almost as much as we did. This is the reason why Griezman rumours keep doing the rounds. We can’t keep depending on an excellent finisher who can’t/doesn’t want to run i.e. Ibra. Our problem is not our defence but up front. The situation will not get better if Mourinho has a rift with one of our best forward players; Martial.

A golden opportunity missed.


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