United 2 - 1 Wolfsburg

Valencia(Young) Smalling Blind Darmian
Schneiderlin Schweinsteiger(Jones)
Mata Rooney Memphis(Perreira)

I don’t know what to think about this game. We conceded an early goal, got back in it, fluffed a host of chances, went ahead and endured a torrid final few minutes as Wolfsburg tried to equalise. We had to win today’s game.

Wolfsburg only had two shots on target but that isn’t a fair reflection on how the game went on. I think today's game was this season’s toughest test at home. It didn’t help that Depay and Rooney missed a couple of good chances. I would have scored the chances they missed while wearing a blindfold (Ok, a bit of exaggeration there...). The final few minutes were tense. Wolfsburg should have been out of the game because we had chances to finish them off. Thankfully, our defence held on to the lead and we won three important points.

Mata was our man of the match. His cross caused the penalty, he scored the penalty and brilliantly assisted Smalling for our winner.

Martial was threatening up front and gave an experienced defender a big headache. Dante is used to playing in the CL, he even won it with Bayern but Martial got past him with relative ease sometimes. I’m so excited about this Martial guy!

Rooney? I don’t know. He missed a sitter after some excellent work by Martial. He lost possession a couple times and was a tad slow. If he was any other player, he wouldn’t be starting games. Herrera would probably be more effective if he played in Mata’s role and Mata replaced Rooney. Hopefully he rediscovers his form. At the moment, I don’t think he’s really giving anything to the team that our players on the bench wouldn’t give. Just my opinion.

Valencia. He’s tough he’s fast but he’s not a defender. The goal we conceded was his fault. When you’re a full back you have to keep an eye on your team mates at the back not just on the opposition’s forwards. Darmian, Smalling and Blind played the offside trap but Valencia was caught day dreaming.

Darmian was really good going forward but had a tough defensive game against Draxler. Thank god for Darmian’s versatility though. We wouldn’t have a full back to play at left back if it wasn’t for him. Speaking of versatility; how about Young playing at right back? I think he did better than Valencia.

Schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger both had a good game. Memphis? I still expect more from him. Perhaps I should remember that he’s still quite young. Blind? Good. Smalling? Bloody brilliant.

Arsenal next. Come on United!


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